I promised to give you a brief hunt report as soon as possible after our return to the States.  We returned home on Wednesday afternoon as scheduled with no problems either going to or coming home from Cordoba.

As expected, the accommodations were most comfortable and enjoyable in every way.  The food and personal service were exceptional.

With respect to the shooting, to both my surprise and delight, it was better than I have ever enjoyed before.  As you know, Alice and I were observers and our grandsons were the shooters.  Prior to departing Kentucky, we had agreed that regardless of the volume of birds available each boy would stop at 1,000 birds per day.  Frankly, I had little hope of attaining this lofty goal even for one day.  The actual results were as follows:

  • Tom Monarch, Age 17, Day 1 - 1010 birds; Day 2, 1010 birds; Day 3, 1010 birds
  • Clay Monarch, Age 15, Day 1 - 1010 birds; Day 2, 1010 birds; Day 3, 1010 birds

Each day, I let the boys shoot 10 extra birds each just in case their birdboy had incorrectly counted a kill which should not have been counted.

Tom shot a total of 157 boxes which amounts to a success rate of 78%. (Note:  Alice let Tom finish an open box of shells after our official limit of 1010 birds was reached.)

Clay shot a total of 158 boxes which amounts to a success rate of 77%.

All in all, the trip was wonderful and if you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to use me.

Sam Monarch,

Just returned from Argentina. Well, I’m now a believer, there really are that many doves and the shooting is that great. The lodge, Sierra Brava, was terrific. The management and staff are attentive to every detail. The food at the lodge and in the field is truly gourmet.

I booked the trip through Rick after viewing the Southern Outfitting website. Immediately after sending a note from the webpage explaining that I had a few questions, my phone rang. Rick and I discussed different lodges, cost, what to bring, gun options (rent/bring), and I believe even the weather! I was immediately impressed with Rick’s professionalism and desire to tailor the trip to best suit my son and myself. After booking, Rick maintained contact (e-mail or phone) to insure there were no loose ends. He answered all my questions and added personal advice based on his experiences. Rick left no stone unturned in insuring that my son and I had the trip of a lifetime.

J P Pirtle,

Sierra Brava was incredible! It was better than I could have ever imagined! My only regret is not staying longer 🙂

The staff met to our every need. They even made me fresh tomato juice when I asked for tomato juice. And fresh squeezed orange juice every breakfast... the food was some of the best I have ever had and I am a real foodie! We even got live music on the last night, it was incredible. My bird boy Diego really helped improve my shooting! The bird boys watch carefully and can tell you exactly where you are hitting and what you need to do. The bird boys were great they were professional and very fun to be around, just great people! The birds just flew and flew, we didn't see huge flocks but there was always something flying to shoot at. We will have great memories that will last a life time

Rick at Southern Outfitting went above and beyond our exceptions with many aspects. He made planning and preparation a breeze. He was always there to answer questions!

Thanks for an awesome trip!


First, Cordoba Argentina is an extremely beautiful and amazing place with great habitat for wildlife!  The Sierra Brava Lodge and its staff and guides were incredible!  They truly went all out and treated us like royalty while at the same time made us feel like family.  The guides/bird boys especially went above and beyond to assist us with every need before, during, and after each hunt!  They quickly became like our best friends by the end of the trip!  Everyone at Sierra Brava truly was committed to making every guest’s experience unforgettable.

Additionally, Rick Collins of Southern Outfitting was very professional and knowledgeable in all his interactions with us. His description of the land, food, lodging, guides, and quality of hunt, was spot on as he has experienced it himself first-hand.  You might pay a little more for this hunt due to its location, but it is truly, definitely, worth it and we plan on doing it again!  We would say to anyone still yet unsure…”You are going to love the experience of hunting with such a first class Outfitter and Lodge”!  Five-Star service for sure!!!

Many grateful thanks for the memories,

Bryan and Katie Lane,