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With the vast range of trips, tours, and events available to hunters today, choosing an outfitter to help plan your vacation is an intelligent decision. Southern Outfitting is here to make that task a little bit easier. Whether you want to hunt ducks, dove, pigeons, or fish for Dorado, we can make your next trip amazing!

Rick Collins, the owner of Southern Outfitting, began organizing trips more than twenty years ago because of his love for Argentina Dove hunting and passion for all types of wing shooting in South America. The moment he stepped into the dove field on his first trip to Argentina, he was captivated by the thrill of seeing endless waves of doves traveling to and from their feeding grounds. At this moment, Rick knew that he would soon build a business around hunting in Argentina.

Southern Outfitting is separated from our competitors by the experience and knowledge of each hunting area and lodges we represent. Southern Outfitting has professional and personal relationships with the owners of each South American operation we represent and, in most cases, has visited the lodge and hunted and fished at each location. We believe this distinction gives us the ability to accurately describe each operation in detail and help our clients select a suitable destination.

We have strategically chosen several of the most renowned and distinguished outfitters in South America to represent. This gives us access to the best hunting and fishing areas in South America, the flexibility to customize your trip by species and region, and, most importantly, the ability to affirm the quality of your sporting excursion.

For high volume dove hunting in Cordoba, there are easily hundreds of lodges and outfitters, but we believe JJ and Topo with Sierra Brava offer the best quality hunts at the best value, so we have limited our Cordoba dove hunting excursions to these two fine outfitters. Our choice for high volume dove hunting in Salta was easy, as Christian Druetta and his new Estancia Tuku is the hottest selling excursion in South America today. There is no better choice for mixed bag hunting in Entre Rios than Santa Adela owned and operated by Patricio Geijo. For Outstanding Pigeon hunting we are thankful to be partnered with Amakela in Santiago del Estero and Dos Plumas in San Luis. Finally for the best duck hunting in the world, we are blessed to be partnered with Emilio Paris and La Mariana in southern Buenos Aires province.

Our portfolio of Lodges in Argentina puts Southern Outfitting in a position to provide a variety hunting locations and species, while maintaining the best quality hunting and highest levels of service that can be found anywhere in the world.

The most important value that Southern Outfitting brings to our clients is the commitment to provide our customers what they truly desire, rather than trying to sell a lodge or a location that might not be right for them!

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Southern Outfitting is a leader in the Argentina dove and duck hunting industry, with more than 20 years of experience. We are passionate about bird-hunting! Our commitment to you as our client starts from when you first contact us until your trip ends – so that every step has been thought out carefully beforehand by our professional staff.


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