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Quickly find the answers to all of your questions about hunting in Argentina for Dove, Duck and Pigeons.

  • Is Argentina Safe?
  • What documents are needed to travel to Argentina and Uruguay?
  • How do I get there?
  • What is the limit for dove, duck and pigeon?
  • What happens to the birds I shoot?
  • Can I bring game back to the United States with me?
  • What is the exchange rate, Can I use the US dollar?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Can I bring my own guns?
  • Is the hunt guided?
Is Argentina Safe?

Absolutely! Argentine and Uruguay citizens welcome Americans to their country. English is widely spoken in the larger cities, and taught in the schools and the American dollar is accepted throughout the country.

What documents are needed to travel to Argentina and Uruguay?

No visa is needed; all you need is a valid US Passport. In addition no vaccinations are required for entry into the country.

How do I get there?

There are daily flights from Miami and Dallas to Buenos Aires, Santiago Chile and Santa Cruz. Depending on your hunting destination you will either transfer by air or by van.

What is the limit for dove, duck and pigeon?

For Dove throughout South America there is no limit, Doves are considered a plague by the government and you are encouraged to shoot as many as you would like. The limit on Pigeon is imposed by the outfitter to preserve the populations. Depending on the location of your hunt and the Province you are hunting in, limits are between 200 and 400 birds.

For Ducks, the Provincial and Federal government regulate limits, and vary from Province to Province and by season. Generally speaking you can expect limits in the 20-60 ducks per day range. Perdiz limits and seasons are established by the Provincial government and depending on the location the limits are between 10 and 12 Perdiz per hunter per day.

For exact daily limits please check with your booking agent at Southern Outfitting.

What happens to the birds I shoot?

As many as you can eat will be prepared for you at your lodge, the remaining go to feed the bird boys, their families and the local population.

Can I bring game back to the United States with me?

In theory yes, in practice it is extremely difficult. Any clients that would like to bring birds home with them are encouraged to contact the USDA, and US Customs Bureau in advance. In some cases clients even after detailed planning have had their game disposed of by the USDA in Miami.

What is the exchange rate, Can I use the US dollar?

For current exchange rate US dollar to Argentina Peso please see

What is the weather like?

Think the Southeastern US (VA, NC, SC, GA) but reverse the seasons. Our summer is their winter, and vice versa. Overall Argentina has a mild climate with rain occurring most frequently in the evenings. To be safe, make sure to bring rain gear.

Can I bring my own guns?

Yes, but you will need to let us know you plan on taking your own guns. Each Country has slightly different regulations an procedures. We will provide you with the proper paperwork so the RENAR department will allow your gun/guns into the country. In addition you must fill out US Custom Form 4455 at your home city in advance of your departure. (Failure to adhere may result in firearm confiscation upon re-entry into the US)

Is the hunt guided?

It doesn’t matter your destination, lodge or game you will be accompanied by an English speaking host (in and way from the fields), and a bird boy. The bird boys generally speak limited English, but know the basics, and have the ability to contact the host by cell phone or two way radios. Your host will always be close by and will check with you periodically during your hunt to assure you are seeing plenty of birds and are being properly attended to.


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