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Each province within Argentina requires hunters to have a hunting license. Licenses known as “permiso o licencia de caza” and are paid to the Argentina Wildlife Resource Office, known as Argentina Ambiente or Fauna Departmento. Often you will hear the word permit used which is a more popular translation of license in Argentina.

Prior to your trip you outfitter will ask for passport information. This information is used for your hunting license and is supplied to the province in Argentina you will be hunting in.

The cost of the hunting license varies from province to province. For example in Cordoba Argentina the license is $65 per day which is at the high end of the scale. Many hunters that shoot doves in Cordoba hunt the afternoon of arrival and the morning of departure, and even though these 2 half days are considered 1 full day from a lodge perspective, for hunting licenses you will be required to pay the license fee for each day you hunt regardless of the length of your hunt. Entre Rios and Santiago del Estero provinces charges $150 for the entire hunt regardless of the number of days.

We often hear about hunters that are confused about the license fees. Since each province has different regulations and requirements it is the responsibility of your outfitter to keep track of this information, make sure clients are informed of the fees and pay the Departmento Ambiente.

Some hunters have asked to see the license or to even take the license home with them as a memento from their trip. Unlike in the US there is not a small license you put in your wallet, it’s a legal form that contains multiple hunters on one form. For those that have hunting in Argentina before you have probably noticed a large envelope on the dashboard or map pocket in the van you are transported to and from the fields in. In this envelope are the licenses for your group. It’s rare that you will be stopped by an oficial ambiente, but in the event your group is checked your host or driver will have the licenses with them in this envelope.

Finally with regards to licenses, it is the responsibility of the outfitter at the end of your trip to report to Departmento Ambiente the types of birds you shot, the number of each you shot, and the number of shells you shot. All reputable lodges are well aware of the policies and procedures and everything related to the licenses is transparent to the hunter other than the fees paid as part of their hunting excursion.



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