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August 18, 2021by Southern Outfitting

Southern Outfitting has been involved with dove hunting for over 35 years. Over that time we have learned many dove hunting techniques. Below are a few ideas we suggest to make your high volume dove hunting trip to Argentina a success.

  • Feeding PatternsDove feed early in the morning and late afternoon and in Argentina are constantly on the move. The day starts with the dove traveling from their roosts to the feeding grounds, then from the feeding grounds to the water holes, then back to the feeding grounds and just before dusk they head back to their roosts. Your field host will select the area you hunt and assist with an ideal shooting position.
  • Movement Always try to stay as still as you can when hunting for doves, shoulder your shotgun only when ready to shoot. Doves have great eye sight and if they feel something isn’t right, they will flare off in another direction.
  • Camo / BlindsAlways blend into your surroundings, preferably full camo clothing or earth tones  that complement the area that you are dove hunting . Your Bird Boys often build a blind out of natural material that is available in the hunting area. For multiple reasons the shady side of tree is the best shooting position as you stay well shaded and the dove can’t see you because of the contrast of the shade.

  • Shotgun – Because of the high volume dove shooting Argentina offers, we recommend you rent or bring 20 gauge shotguns only. Even the most seasoned 12 gauge shooter will be sore after a day of high volume shooting. We recommend Beretta 391 or Benelli M2 Auto loaders. For those that prefer over/unders the line of Beretta, Caesar Guerini or other higher end over/under will perform flawlessly. We do not recommend other “big name” shotguns as they simply don’t withstand the punishment that high volume dove hunting in Argentina puts them through.
  • Duck Tape – Many ask why?? The answer is simple; in the US an extremely busy day of shooting may be 200-250 rounds. High volume dove shooting in Argentina often has you loading 200 or more rounds in an hour. Pushing the shells into the magazine tube repeatedly will make your fingers, thumbs and nails extremely sore over time. Wrap your loading fingers/thumb in duct tape and you can load pain free for on your 3-4 day dove hunt. For the Over/Under shooters shooting gloves are recommended.
  • Choke Tubes – Improved Cylinder is typically your best option, however on windy days the doves tend to fly a little higher and faster and modified will be a better option.
  • Radios/Walkie-Talkies – If you are dove hunting with a group of people it is very handy to have everyone outfitted with radios. Your shooting positions often will be separated by 70-100 yards, because of this you are just out of shouting distance so radios come in handy to schedule a break, or borrow and item your hunting partner make have like choke tubes or duct tape.

There are many more ways that Southern Outfitting can help make your dove hunting trip a success. Contact us today so that we can plan the dove hunting trip of a lifetime!



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