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Southern Outfitting’s Argentina Dove Hunting trips offer an unforgettable experience for hunters from all over the globe. Our professionally-guided trips will take you to some of the best dove shooting spots in the world, where you can hunt doves in vast flocks that have rarely been disturbed by any other hunters!

Not only will you enjoy access to some of the world’s most productive hunting grounds for dove, but you will also enjoy a variety of attractions that make Argentina such a fantastic place to visit. From experiencing the diverse culture and history to sampling local cuisine, Argentina will surely provide an unforgettable experience from beginning to end!

With Southern Outfitting, you can rest assured that your experience will be one to remember. So, don’t miss out on this chance of a lifetime; book your Argentina dove hunting trip now! You won’t regret it!

Why Go on an Argentina Dove Hunting Trip?

Many game-hunting veterans consider Argentina the dove-hunting capital of the world. It gained this distinction three decades ago when the country relaxed its stance on foreign hunters entering Argentina to hunt. While it started with only a few hundred hunters, 30,000 hunters from the United States now visit Argentina annually to experience the excitement of a high-volume dove hunt.

With hunting doves being as popular today as in Argentina, you can rest assured that high-end accommodation will await you. Modern luxury hunting lodges are available in strategic locations.

Here, you can enjoy shooting Argentina’s high concentration of game doves. At the same time, each cabin offers 5-star amenities. Experience the unlimited excitement in store for you with Southern Outfitting!

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Brief History of Hunting Dove in Argentina

According to the Argentine government, doves are official pests because of the crop damage they cause. In the past, farmers would leave poison around their fields to control the dove population in their area. However, local biologists pointed out the consequences of this method, leaving hunting fields poisoned and affecting other animals that consumed the poisoned doves.

Meanwhile, some local Argentineans did not truly have a dove hunting culture, making the pests run rampant. As such, countryside hotels usually serve as home bases for visitors on hunting trips. However, only those hunters with good connections and vast experience were willing to travel 5,000 miles to shoot doves.

Now, with relaxed laws, dedicated hunting lodges, and experienced outfitters, hunters and their parties have more access to one of the world’s most exciting sports hunting experiences. Get started by contacting our representatives at Southern Outfitting. We are dedicated to making your trip one to remember. Contact us today to discuss your next trip of a lifetime!

Lodges in Córdoba, Argentina

Córdoba is the most popular province in Argentina for hunting doves. With a dove population that exceeds 50 million, Córdoba has good reason to be called the world’s best dove hunting destination.

At Southern Outfitting, we have three exclusive hunting lodges in the province. Get access to unlimited dove shooting privileges right outside the property, any time of the year that you feel like going on a hunting adventure.

Sierra Brava Dove Hunting Lodge 1
Sierra Brava Dove Hunting Lodge 1

Sierra Brava

Enjoy your dove hunting in Argentina experience in a fun and friendly environment. Whether you plan to go on a solo hunting trip or want to bring the family along, our Sierra Brava lodge in Córdoba, Argentina, is a great option.

This lodge can host 18 guests while offering great amenities, including 5-star meals, high-speed internet, and a sauna. Guests can also enjoy indoor and outdoor bars while the shooters are out hunting.

More details about Sierra Brava Dove Lodge

Los Chanares Dove Hunting Lodge 2
Los Chanares Dove Hunting Lodge 2

Los Chanares

This lodge sets the bar for a 5-star luxury by combining excitement and convenience. Only minutes after leaving your back door, you can begin hunting doves from the comfort of our Los Chanares lodge.

With access to fine wines, liquors, beers, and even Cuban cigars, staying at this lodge is a vacation in itself.

Learn more about Los Chanares Lodge

Posta Del Norte Dove Hunting Lodge 5
Posta Del Norte Dove Hunting Lodge 5

Posta del Norte

Are you planning an elaborate corporate function or a simple private getaway? Either way, the Posta del Norte lodge is a great option that balances space and privacy for your next trip. This lodge is suited for groups of 4 to 12 guests who want to bask in a quiet yet luxurious atmosphere.

This lodge also gives you access to one of the two largest dove roosts in the city. You can experience high-volume dove hunting with only a 75-minute drive from the Córdoba Airport.

Learn More about dove hunting at Posta del Norte

Lodges in Salta, Argentina

Salta is an Argentine province in the country’s northwest corner. Unlike Córdoba, this region has a subtropical climate, giving the province the largest population of doves in the world. Until recently, Salta prohibited dove hunting.

Now, you have access to the only hunting resort in the province. Bring your hunting party to this exclusive, luxury cabin and enjoy the best high-volume dove hunting location in the world.

Estancia Chacu Hunting Lodge 3
Estancia Chacu Hunting Lodge 3

Estancia Tuku

Experience 5-star luxury in this exclusive area. Salta, Argentina, boasts an ideal climate to accommodate an abundance of dove roosting and feeding areas. This region’s semi-arid nature also provides a stunning landscape for your enjoyment.

Estancia Tuku is ready to accommodate groups of up to 18 guests. Hunters can enjoy a pressure-free hunting experience in the largest dove roosts in the world. Our bird boys will be in the hunting fields to assist you throughout your trip. Plus, they can luxuriate with our in-house spa and massage services.

Learn More about dove hunting at Estancia Tuku

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Lodges in San Luis, Argentina

San Luis borders Córdoba to the north and Mendoza to the west. With this easy access to two other provinces, there are plenty more activities for you through ground transportation when dove hunting in Argentina.

What started with a private hotel that served as our main dove hunting base, we have upgraded the experience we have for visiting hunters.

Dos Plumas Dove Hunting Lodge 3
Dos Plumas Dove Hunting Lodge 3

Dos Plumas

This brand-new lodge is aptly named as it directly translates into “two feathers.” Our guests enjoy hunting both doves and pigeons as they stay in this modern and spacious lodge. With exclusive hunting areas and stunning landscapes unique to San Luis, your Argentina dove hunt at this lodge will surely be one for the books.

You can reach Dos Plumas in only three hours from Mendoza. This easy access from another city makes the lodge an ideal location for hunters. Enjoy Argentina pigeon shooting and high volume dove hunt with liberal limits. Afterward, relax with local wine tours in Mendoza.

Visit Dos Plumas Dove Hunting Lodge

Lodges in Entre Rios, Argentina

Entre Rios is the central Argentine province, balancing hunting terrain and fresh lakes. Hunters can enjoy an refreshing dove hunting experience and unwind by fishing in the pristine waters.

We have three luxury hunting cabins in the Entre Rios province. Each lodge is ideal for both shooters and non-shooters. Browse our website today or get in touch with our professional outfitters to help you determine the best option that meets your perfect hunting experience.

Santa Adela Dove Hunting Lodge
Santa Adela Dove Hunting Lodge

Santa Adela

After a 3 ½ hour drive from Buenos Aires you get access to one of the best dove shooting areas in the country. Many hunts take place on the lodge property, while others are just a short ride to the most active flyways in all of Argentina. Santa Adela is more than 140 years old and was a gift from the King of Spain to his general for his service to the crown.
The lodge itself is elegant, keeping with the look and feel of a historic estancia built in the 1800’s but has been completely restored to modern standards to include Wi-fi, cellular phone service, modern HVAC, and satellite TV service.

See Santa Adela Dove Hunting Lodge

Los Laureles Dove Hunting Lodge 7
Los Laureles Dove Hunting Lodge 7

Los Laureles

This beautiful and spacious estancia sits in the northwest corner of Entre Rios, offering zero hunting pressure. With millions of doves and duck hunting on the property, this lodge is a dream location to hunt birds in South America.

Guests will also be pleased to know that this lodge grants access to fishing on the property. Los Laureles is a hit for catching golden dorado, one of the most exciting freshwater anglers anyone can hook. From there, the Parana River is only minutes away.

Los Laureles Lodge for Dove Hunting

Los Ombues Dove Hunting Lodge 7
Los Ombues Dove Hunting Lodge 7

Los Ombues

The Los Ombues in Entre Rios, Argentina is the country’s first Orvis-Endorsed lodge. This endorsement guarantees high-quality and unparalleled service.

With nine spacious bedrooms in the lodge, 18 hunters can stay on the property and enjoy on-site dove shooting. Hunters can also travel a few minutes to feedlots or watering holes and shoot between 800 and 1,000 rounds a day with the personal attention of bird boys if any needs arise.

Los Ombues Lodge in Argentina

When to Book a World Class Dove Hunting Trip

Any month of the year is a great time to book a trip for dove hunting in Argentina with Southern Outfitting. Argentina has a surplus volume of doves to shoot, owing to the ideal climate and environment.

However, you might want to consider planning your trip between October, November, December, and February. These months are considered part of the “low season,” not because there are fewer doves to hunt but because the hunting lodges face significantly lower demand. If you book during this time,  you’ll have more opportunities to enjoy your entire trip without worrying about other parties in the area.

We offer discounts that are up to 30% off of our regular rates, allowing you to save money in the process.

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The Southern Outfitting Difference

Argentina dove hunting is an experience that we believe everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime. As such, we devote ourselves to providing a luxurious experience for hunters. Discuss your ideal, high volume hunt with us today, and we will gladly point you to the proper hunting area with the best lodge.

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