Argentina Dove Hunting

Argentina dove hunting began its popularity some 30 years ago when the country of Argentina relaxed its position regarding hunters from outside Argentina visiting with the purpose of hunting. In the past, it was somewhat common for farmers to place poison around the farm fields to kill the dove, but the biologists in Argentina realized this is not a sustainable practice due to the unintended consequences of killing mammals, birds of prey, and even fish that consume the poisoned dove, as well as the poison in the field.

Argentina Dove Hunting started in a way almost primitive to today’s standards, as there were no dedicated hunting lodges, no experienced outfitters and only the most connected and experienced traveler assumed the risk of traveling 5000 miles away from home to shoot doves. It was common to use a countryside hotel as the home base for a dove hunting trip, but there was always some level of awkwardness being surrounded by Argentineans that did not grow up in a culture of hunting. The tide has shifted immensely as clearly today Argentina is widely recognized as the dove hunting capital of the world. In the beginning perhaps as few as several hundred hunters annually would visit from the US to pursue their passion of dove hunting, but today an estimated 30,000 hunters travel to Argentina to experience the finest dove shooting in the world.

Hunting dove in Argentina by definition can’t technically be considered an industry, but with the abundance of lodges and infrastructure in place to support tens of thousands of hunters each year dove hunting in Argentina can fairly be compared to the industry.

There are hundreds of dove lodges in Argentina, each with its own nuances, and most are operated by well-run by respected outfitters. Due to competition hunters planning a dove hunting trip are faced with the difficult challenge of selecting the lodge that is right for them and their hunting party. In a dove hunting trip, there are costs that are not flexible such as airfare, hunting licenses, gun rental, and shell costs, so the truly variable cost is the lodge daily rate. These rates run generally from $300 to $900 per day, with the most expensive lodges offering fineries one might expect at a 5 Star hotel in a major city. Our experience shows in the least expensive lodges some sacrifices are made in the overall quality of your experience. The old adage rings true once again as with Argentina dove hunting that you truly get what you pay for.

At Southern Outfitting, we are happy to provide our clients with the information needed to choose the lodge that is right for them.

Please contact us today and allow us to help you plan for a hunt of a lifetime.

Our Dove Hunting Lodges:

Sierra Brava

Cordoba, Argentina

Best valued dove hunting in Cordoba, in fun and friendly environment. Great for groups as small as 1 and as large as 18. Truly 5 star experiences that won’t break the budget. Very suitable for our non-shooting guests.

Sierra Brava over pond


Cordoba, Argentina

Truly sets the bar for 5-star luxury Argentina dove hunting experience. All hunting done just minutes away from your back door. This lodge was built for the most discerning sportsman that truly want to be pampered. A stay at the lodge is a vacation in itself, Los Chanares is a hit with our non shooting spouses.

Posta Del Norte

Cordoba, Argentina

Exceptional value Dove hunting in private atmosphere Suited from groups of 4-12, and perfect lodge for corporate functions or private get away.

Dove shooting


Salta, Argentina

5 star luxury in exclusive area with only one dove lodge in the entire province. Beautiful, spacious lodge and stunning landscape with no hunting pressure for hundreds of miles. Chacu is perfect for groups of all sizes and very suitable for our non shooting clients.


San Luis, Argentina

Brand new lodge built specifically for our dove and pigeon hunters. Modern and spacious lodge with exclusive hunting areas with stunning landscapes. Just 3 hours drive from Mendoza which makes Dos Plumas the perfect lodge for hunters and spouses that want to take in a wine tour and hunt on the same excursion.


Entre Rios, Argentina

Just 3 hours away from Buenos Aires with all dove shooting done on property. Elegant, restored historical estancia perfect for smaller groups and those that want to spend time hunting and in the bustling capital city of Argentina.


Entre Rios, Argentina

Beautiful spacious estancia located in the northwest corner of Entre Rios in a area with no hunting pressure. Millions of dove on property, which makes drives to shooting areas just a minutes.

Los Laureles is a hit for our non shooting guests as Dorado fishing is available on property.


Entre Rios, Argentina

The first Orvis endorsed lodge in Argentina. 5-Star luxury every step of the way. Dove shooting on site, or just minutes from the lodge. Very well suited for corporate groups and couples.

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