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Are you going on an Argentina duck hunting trip but don’t know where to begin? We’re here to bring you that once-in-a-lifetime experience that you crave! At Southern Outfitting, we are proud to serve game hunters. Nothing holds a candle to the excitement waiting for you at our exclusive locations. Learn more about what’s in store for you and your hunting party!

Why Go On an Argentina Duck Hunting Trip in South America?

Argentina is quickly becoming one of the most valued waterfowl hunting destinations in the world. Although veteran hunters might associate the country with dove hunting or mixed bag hunting, duck hunting offers just as much adventure and excitement.

As more foreign hunters visit Argentina solely to experience a unique duck hunting experience, we are determined to make their visit worthwhile. At Southern Outfitting, we offer hunting lodges in strategic locations where hunters can shoot ducks (yellow billed pintail, silver teal, cinnamon teal, rosy billed pochard, and white faced whistling duck, etc.) right from the property.

Should hunting parties come with non-shooters, they can equally enjoy their stay in the luxury lodge. Our locations provide 5-star amenities, including in-house spas, massage services, high-speed internet, and satellite TV.

Although each lodge is an ideal hunting ground, we understand that hunters have preferences for the perfect Argentina duck hunt. Allow us to help you determine your best option.

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Brief History of Argentina Duck Hunts

Several Argentine provinces are ideal breeding grounds for ducks in the country. Buenos Aires, Entre Rios, Santa Fe, and Santiago del Estero have rivers bordering and running through them.

Apart from the abundant natural resources, duck populations have risen due to the federal government’s strict duck hunting regulations. The Argentine government implemented various hunting seasons depending on the country’s different provinces.

Despite this, Argentina’s hunting culture had never been as large as expected, considering the abundance of game birds. Only affluent farmers and landowners had the resources and the drive to hunt ducks.

Now, as waterfowl hunting in the country is becoming popular, more hunters can enjoy shooting with zero hunting pressure.

However, unlike other birds available to hunt in Argentina, duck hunting comes with bag limits. In general, hunters can harvest 20–25 ducks per hunt. This is why Argentina duck hunting trips usually work as mixed bag trips. During these trips, hunters can shoot different duck species at certain times of the day. Depending on the location, hunters can find flocks of different bird species together.

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Lodges in Entre Rios, Argentina to Duck Hunt

Entre Rios has everything it needs to be considered Argentina’s duck hunting capital. This province rests between the Uruguay River and the Parana River. With bodies of water bordering the area on both the east and west coasts, duck populations thrive.

Considering it’s a breeding ground for ducks (yellow billed pintail, Silver teal, Brazilian teal, cinnamon teal, rosy billed pochard, and white faced whistling duck, etc.), there are more options for your Argentina duck hunting trip than in some other provinces. Select between five luxury duck hunting lodges for your next adventure, all of which offer an equally exciting experience.

We have one luxury lodge available to hunters coming in from Buenos Aires. After driving a little over three hours from the Buenos Aires airport, you can enjoy a duck hunting trip with elegant and refined lodging.

Being close to the town of Concepcion del Uruguay, hunters can enjoy sights and activities outside of shooting waterfowl. Expect first-class services in a first-class environment with Southern Outfitting.

Santa Adela Duck Hunting Lodge
Santa Adela Duck Hunting Lodge

Santa Adela Duck Hunts

This lodge is simultaneously our newest and oldest. Santa Adela is over 150 years old and was a gift from the King of Spain. We have maintained this historic estancia’s beauty while upgrading its modern features, including HVAC systems and satellite TV services.

This historic lodge is strategically located in prime duck hunting areas. With various wetlands surrounding the area, you can enjoy a hunting session in the safety and privacy of the property.

More details about Santa Adela Duck Hunting Lodge

Santa Candida Duck Hunting Lodge
Santa Candida Duck Hunting Lodge

Santa Candida Palace Duck Hunts

This lodge is an elegant historic mansion overlooking several bodies of water, from creeks to lagoons to marshes to the Uruguay River’s major water system. With all this water surrounding the property, eager hunters can begin shooting as soon as they arrive at the lodge.

The Santa Candida Palace is in the town of Concepcion del Uruguay, Argentina, and served as the home of the country’s first president. With seven bedrooms, each with a unique identity that keeps 19th-century aesthetics alive, any duck hunting trip will be one for the books.

Learn More About Santa Candida Palace Lodge

Los Laureles Duck Hunting Lodge
Los Laureles Duck Hunting Lodge

Los Laureles

This lodge is a beautiful and spacious estancia sitting in the northwest corner of Entre Rios. Hunters can enjoy duck hunting sessions with zero pressure in this lodge. The property conveniently rests along the Parana River banks, making it an ideal hunting spot for beginners and veterans.

Every Los Laureles package includes hunting access to other birds, such as dove, partridge, and pigeon. Drive a few minutes to reach duck hunting ranges or stay in the comfort of the luxury lodge. Meanwhile, non-shooting guests have other perks, including dorado fishing by the riverbank, exquisite selections of alcoholic beverages, and high-speed wireless internet connection.

Learn More About Duck Hunting at Los Laureles

Los Ombues Duck Hunting Lodge
Los Ombues Duck Hunting Lodge

Los Ombues

The Los Ombues in Entre Rios, Argentina, is the country’s first and only Orvis Endorsed duck hunting lodge. This distinction guarantees only the finest services and amenities you can expect from a duck hunting lodge.

Indulge in the 5-star luxury amenities, including nine spacious bedrooms with double beds and private baths. Apart from duck hunting, guests can spend their day fishing by the lodge or riding horseback around the vast property.

Learn More About Hunting Ducks at Los Laureles

Duck Hunting Lodges in Pehuajó, Argentina

Southwest of the Buenos Aires province is Pehuajó City, which serves as the breeding ground for multitudes of duck species. This place overflows with small ponds and vast wetlands, turning the area into a thing of picturesque beauty.

La Mariana Duck Hunting Lodge
La Mariana Duck Hunting Lodge

La Mariana Duck Hunts

La Mariana is a stunning location in itself for ducks. Paired with zero hunting pressure, you’ll get a hunting trip that will make you want to return again and again. Enjoy liberal bag limits for your duck hunting session, either in the morning or afternoon.

Apart from duck hunting, this lodge is excellent for hunting other game birds, including pigeons, partridges, and doves. We recommend reserving your afternoons for these other species to maximize your duck hunting enjoyment.

Learn More About Duck Hunting at La Mariana

When to Book a Luxury Argentina Duck Hunting Trip

You can book an Argentina duck hunting trip with Southern Outfitting at any time of the year since it’s considered one of the world’s best duck hunting destinations. With a high volume of ducks to hunt, it will be easier to meet bag limits and make the most of your trip.

Although any time is a great time, consider our luxury duck hunting specials during October, November, December, and February. We have found that these are the year’s “low seasons” because the lodges do not face as much demand. Due to the lower demand, we have discounts up to 30% off our regular rates.

Check out our discounts page for more information on our latest discounts and special offers.

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