Argentina Duck Hunting

Argentina Duck HuntingArgentina Duck Hunting offers some amazing adventures throughout the area. It has been well known for being the dove hunting capital of the world and in the last decade has established as the leading worldwide destination for duck hunting. Surprisingly Argentina has never had a large culture of hunting, with only the affluent farmers and land owners appreciating upland gamebird hunting over pointers, so for the last 100 or so years the duck populations have grown immensely due to no hunting pressure and all the components being in place for ducks to flourish in the wetlands and marsh areas.

Our Duck Hunting Lodges:

Santa Adela

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina Duck hunting at its best Just 2 hours 15 minutes from Buenos Aires. With liberal bag limits this cost effective mixed bag location has proven to be our most popular destination. Hunting to include Duck, Dove, Perdiz and even Dorado fishing. Exclusive hunting areas in historic lodge restored to include all the modern amenities our hunting guest would expect.

Santa Candida Palace

Entre Rios, Argentina

Elegant Historic Mansion overlooking the Uruguay River. Luxury mixed bag hunting at its finest. Estancia is very well suited for the most discerning mixed bag hunters and their non-shooting guests.

Santa Candida Palace
Los Laureles

Los Laureles

Entre Rios, Argentina

One of the first duck hunting lodges in Argentina with duck hunting done on property along the banks of the Parana River. Amazing location with ability to hunt ducks, dove, perdiz, pigeon and even Dorado fishing which are all included in your hunting package. Perfect location for Argentina Duck Hunting for our shooting and non-shooting clients.

El Carmen

Entre Rios, Argentina

Perfect location for smaller groups, even groups as small as two. Very competitive rates and just 3 hours north of Buenos Aires.

El Carmen Duck Hunting
Los Ombues Duck Hunting

Los Ombues

Salta, Argentina

Arguably the first, the finest and the most fantastic duck hunting lodge in all of Argentina. There is no arguing that Los Ombues is the only Orvis Endorsed duck hunting lodge in Argentina. Los Ombues is truly the finest mixed bag location on the planet and well suited for the most discerning hunters and their guests.

Santa Domingo

Entre Rio,s Argentina

For the duck-hunting purist, as Santa Domingo is a duck-hunting lodge only. Liberal bag limits with hunting all done on property owned and managed by the lodge. We limit the group size and the dates sold to ensure every hunter gets their limit on every hunt!

La Mariana

Pehuajo, Argentina

Unbelievable location southwest of Buenos Aires with no hunting pressure. Each year the multitude of duck species chose their area as their breeding ground. Extremely liberal bag limits with hunts over dry blinds.

Even with the rising popularity of duck hunting the population continues to grow which can be attributed to the ideal climate, water conditions, and agriculture the sparsely populated areas of Argentina provide. The growth of the duck population is due not only to the abundance of natural resources but to the federal government as they have implemented a strictly regulated season by province. The season in most provinces starts in the beginning of May and runs through August, but because the season varies from province to province it’s important to check with your outfitter to determine the exact season for the area in which you wish to hunt. In addition to strictly regulated seasons unlike with dove hunting there are limits on the number of ducks each hunter may harvest. The bag limits vary from province to province, but generally speaking you can expect bag limits of 20-25 ducks per hunt.

Duck Hunting trips are generally done as mixed bag trips, meaning you hunt ducks in the morning and another species in the afternoon. Dove, and Perdiz are the most common secondary species on a mixed bag hunt, however in some locations it’s possible to hunt pigeons.

While there aren’t as many duck lodges as there are dove lodges in Argentina there are certainly many. Ducks are primarily hunted in 4 main provinces which are Buenos Aires, Entre Rios, Santa Fe and Santiago del Estero. These areas are by far the most common due to the rivers that run through or border the provinces. Entre Rios is arguably the duck hunting capital of Argentina as the province is nestled between the Uruguay River along the east coast and the Parana River along the west coast.

Because there are many lodges, each with their own nuances it’s often difficult for a prospective hunter to choose a lodge. Some lodges are a short drive from the city of Buenos Aires, while others require domestic flights inside Argentina. Because each hunter has different preferences and budgets it’s important to talk with an experienced outfitter to provide you with the information necessary to select the lodge that is right for you.

At Southern Outfitting it’s our passion to provide our clients with the information necessary to make the best hunting area and lodge choices.

Please contact us today and allow us to help you plan for a hunt of a lifetime.

For more information about duck hunting, please see our Argentina ducks page for more information on each species.

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