Dos Plumas Dove Hunting Lodge

Dos Plumas lodge is located in province of San Luis which borders more recognized Cordoba to the north and Mendoza to the west. The lodge is aptly named as this translates directly to “two feathers”, meaning we hunt both pigeons and doves in the area.

San Luis lies at the base of the Sierra Grande, with a diverse landscape and temperate climate. The varied geography of the land allows for a great mix of farming, while maintaining boundless roosting areas for dove and pigeon. Of course where there is agriculture, mild climates, and ample roosting grounds in Argentina, there are dove and pigeons by the millions. We are privileged to have exclusive hunting rights in the area which allows us the ability to offer the best pigeon hunting in Argentina without competition as well as engage in land management and bag limit practices to ensure a thriving population for many years.

Historically we have used a private hotel as the base of our dove and pigeon hunting in San Luis, but we are pleased to offer our brand new lodge Dos Plumas which hosted the first group of hunters in April 2015. The lodge itself rests at the base of the mountains offering spectacular views of the slopes from behind and vast agricultural lands in the front. Unlike most hunting lodges in Argentina, Dos Plumas was built specifically as a hunting lodge and to comfortably host up to 10 guests in 5 spacious bedrooms. While the lodge is built to modern standards, it maintains the typical Argentine look and feel.

Ramiro del las Carreras is our outfitter in this area. With a master’s degree in agriculture and a passion for hunting Ramiro began his hunting operation in San Luis more than 12 years ago. In this time Ramiro has had the opportunity to host thousands of happy dove and pigeon hunters.

The lodge is located in the north of San Luis province which allows for two options to travel to the lodge. There are daily flights from Santiago to Mendoza which is and then 3 hour 30 minute drive to the lodge. Travelers that select this itinerary often chose wine tour at the beginning or end of their trip. The other option is through Buenos Aires which offers daily flights from the domestic airport to San Luis, and then you are 80 minutes from the lodge.

Because the proximity to Mendoza, luxury of the lodge and high level of service this lodge is very appealing to our non-shooting guests.

  • Argentina pigeon hunting with liberal limits
  • Unlimited dove shooting
  • Wine Tours in Mendoza
  • Multiple travel options to arrive at lodge
  • Short drives to field
  • Local Wines, liquor and beer
  • High Speed Wireless internet
  • Satellite TV

Allow us to host you at Dos Plumas for the best dove and pigeon hunting in Argentina!


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