Sierra Brava Dove Hunting Lodge

Sierra Brava is our most popular dove hunting lodge in Argentina, and easily one of the most recognized and favored Dove lodges in Argentina.

There are many reasons for Sierra Brava’s popularity, but all lead to the fact that Sierra Brava represents the best value in Argentina dove hunting. The lodge is not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, the value offered to clients in unmatched by any competitive lodge in Cordoba.

Just 90 minutes north of Cordoba airport Sierra Brava is located in the Macha region of Cordoba.There are few lodges that can offer the variety of shooting positions and types of shots we can at the lodge. The Macha region is a hilly area named Sierra de Macha and because of the terrain a dove hunter can shoot the English high bird, the crossing or quartering doves, and of course the incoming doves, which if you are positioned in the higher elevations they come in almost at eye level. Lodges in areas outside of the Macha region tend to offer dove shooting that tends to get repetitive and mundane as the dove shooting is all on flat lands over pastures or fields with little variety. Four to Five months out of the year the shooting is done on Sierra Brava property, while in our fall/winter months the dove hunting areas are 15-20 minutes from the lodge.

Sierra Brava has a long and rich history as the lodge was built in 1874 as hitching post and boarding house for pony express. In 2007 the lodge opened with the specific intent to be an overflow lodge for sister lodge Los Chanares. Quickly the lodge became one of the most popular lodges in Cordoba and established its own identity as the most entertaining dove lodge in Cordoba Argentina. The lodge is not stuffy or pretentious as each of the 28 full time employees is committed to working passionately and diligently to serve our clients not only as customers but as friends!

The lodge has 6 double bedrooms each with its own bathroom two of which overlook the pool. There is a 7th room with that sleeps three guests bringing the total lodge capacity to 15. Because of the atmosphere, lodging and service Sierra Brava is very popular with our non-shooting clients.

  • Beretta Trident Lodge
  • Record Setting Dove Hunting
  • 5 Star Meals
  • 5 Star Service
  • Fine Wines, liquor and beer
  • Indoor and outdoor bars
  • Laundry service
  • Sauna
  • High Speed Wireless internet
  • Satellite TV

Come see for yourself why Sierra Brava offers the best value in Argentina dove hunting!


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