La Mariana Duck Hunting Lodge

La Mariana near the town of Pehaujo Argentina in southwestern portion of Buenos Aires province. This area is primarily low flat land perfect for agriculture but for Argentina duck hunters the real beauty of the land is the vas wetlands and small ponds that are bounteous in this area. Pehaujo is not as well recognized as a leading duck hunting location and we are thankful as this is our best kept secret for hard core duck hunters. The area however is well known for dairy farms; beef cattle and of course feed lots and grain fields to support the livestock. For the reasons mentioned above each year ducks by the millions chose this area to nest, so we are blessed to have exclusive hunting rights in the area. The typical drives to the duck blinds are 10-20 minutes and nearly all hunting is done over waterholes in dry blinds.

We consider La Mariana specifically duck hunting lodge, but we offer in the afternoons excellent decoyed pigeon hunting, perdiz hunting over pointers and by Argentina standards low volume dove shooting. You can expect to shoot around 60 pigeons in an afternoon or perhaps 100-200 doves, and if you elect to hunt perdiz you can expect to flush 10-15 perdiz on each hunt. At La Mariana we offer the most liberal bag limits in Argentina for duck, so upon special request we may allow duck hunters chose to hunt ducks in both morning and afternoon, however in order to maintain large duck populations we ask our hunters to mix up their hunt to include other species.

The lodge is 4 hour 20 minutes southwest by van from Ezeiza international airport in Buenos Aires on paved roads, which allows hunters to take on an afternoon hunt on their day of arrival. At hunters request we can even stop on the way to the lodge for several hours of hunting in areas that boast large dove and pigeon populations.

The lodge has 4 double and 2 single bedrooms, each with a private bath, making it very suitable for duck hunting groups from 4-10 shooters. La Mariana is the best Argentina duck hunting lodge choice for those hunters seeking multiple species of ducks and larger volumes.

  • Liberal Duck Bag Limits
  • Best value Argentina duck hunting
  • Dove, Pigeon and Perdiz hunting as a bonus
  • No additional flight from Buenos Aires required
  • Short drives to duck blinds
  • Exclusive hunting rights to area
  • Local Wines, liquor and beer
  • Wireless internet
  • Satellite TV

Allow us to host you at La Mariana and experience the highest volume duck hunting in Argentina!


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