Santa Candida Palace Duck Hunting Lodge

Santa Candida Palace is located in the town of Concepcion del Uruguay Argentina along the banks of the Uruguay River in the Entre Rios province. What sets this area apart from most duck hunting locations in Argentina is the perfect location, as the lodge is surrounded by a wealth of creeks, lagoons, marshes and of course the major water system the Uruguay River creates. The estate was the home of the first president of Argentina, General Urquiza and was named after his mother Candida Garcia. While this mansion house serves multiple purposes, primarily a country vacation spot for affluent Argentine businessmen and their families, during the Argentina duck season the estate is used as luxurious duck hunting lodge. Few lodges can lay claim to world class Argentina duck hunting in lodging in a setting as elegant and historic as Santa Candida Palace. The lodge has 7 bedrooms, each with a distinct identity keeping within the spirit of 19th century decor. Due to the size of this special lodge it is very suitable for larger duck hunting groups.

This area is just 3 hours north of Buenos Aires and gives eager duck hunters the ability to begin hunting on the day of their arrival. The area also holds tremendous populations of dove due to two immense dove roosts just to the south and west of the lodge. In addition to outstanding duck and dove hunting, for our hunters that enjoy an upland game bird experience we offer perdiz hunting over pointers to complete your mixed bag trip.

Patricio Geijo is our Argentina outfitter for this location. Patricio is widely respected among Argentina duck hunting guides not only for his attention to detail, but most importantly his honest approach in setting expectations. His hands on approach to hunting and experienced staff assure that every detail of your hunting trip exceeds expectations. Patricio with a PHD in economics and respect in the world finance left the office environment many years ago to pursue his true passion which is hunting across the beautiful lands of Argentina. His business connections with land owners and farmers provide us with exclusive hunting rights to hundreds of thousands of acres of land in the eastern portion of the Entre Rios province.

Because of the level of service, location and luxury at Santa Candida Palace it is quite common for hunters to bring their non-shooting wives with them on their duck hunting vacation.

  • Elegant and refined lodging
  • Liberal duck bag limits
  • Close to the town of Concepcion del Uruguay
  • Doves, perdiz and dorado as a bonus
  • 3 hours from Buenos Aires
  • First Class environment, First Class service
  • Local Wines, liquor and beer
  • High Speed Wireless internet
  • Satellite TV

Please allow us to host you at Santa Candida Palace for a truly special Argentina duck hunting experience!


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