Argentina Mixed Bag Hunting

Mixed bag hunting or a “Mixed Bag Hunt” is defined as hunting multiple species on the same hunting excursion. Often these hunts are referred to as “Hunters Choice.”

The most common mixed bag hunt is Ducks and Dove, where ducks are hunted in the early morning and dove in the afternoon. Because of bag limits on ducks and the ability to harvest the limit of duck in a few hours, we must offer our hunters options other than going back to the lodge and waiting for the next morning hunt. Dove shooting compliments duck hunting nicely as the dove are generally easy to locate in large numbers in the afternoon, and there are no limits for dove. So this “mixed bag” is an excellent mix of lower volume decoyed duck hunting in the morning and high volume dove shooting in the afternoon.

The second most common mixed bag hunt is Ducks in the morning and Perdiz in the afternoon.
Again ducks are most active in the early morning hours, so it’s crucial we get to the blinds at or before sunrise, and after hunters limit out, we head back to the lodge for a nap, lunch, and then to the fields for Perdiz. Perdiz is a South American bird similar to a grouse. They are smaller than a pheasant and larger than a quail but behave very similarly and live in the same environments as our native US birds. Perdiz hunting is done over pointers and is genuinely considered a working hunt as you may walk 2-3 miles through the fields watching the dogs work and locating perdiz in the stubble of crops or edges of fields. Like the ducks, there are lower limits of perdiz, which range from 8-10 birds per hunter.

Another mixed bag option is Dorado fishing mixed with Duck, Dove, or Perdiz hunting. Generally speaking, Duck hunting is the prize of Argentina, so most frequently, your day starts with an early morning duck hunt, a quick ride back to the lodge to change clothes and get a snack; we then head out in smaller center console boats to the Uruguay River and fish using multiple methods. Most commonly, we use spinning equipment and plugs and cast into the fast-moving waters, but our guides are very experienced and accomplished, so they will recommend what equipment and tackle to use, as well as ensure the best fishing areas are selected.
Dorado is the predator of the water; at times, you’ll get a bite as the fish are hungry, but most frequently, your bite is due to a Dorado aggressively protecting his territory.

The most seasoned and traveled anglers agree that Argentina Golden Dorado is the most aggressive and ferocious freshwater fish in the world. Upon catching your first Dorado, you too will agree!

Your host will keep you informed with the necessary information to decide your mixed bag experience because it’s your hunt and experience, so it’s your choice as to the species in your bag!
Regardless of the choices you make in your mixed bag hunt, our guides and scouts work tirelessly to provide you with the best possible experience, and we are not happy unless you are happy!


Best Argentina Mixed Bag Hunting Lodges

Santa Adela Dove Hunting Lodge


Santa Adela Hunting Lodge

Location: Entre Rios, Argentina
Hunting Trips: DovesDucks, Dorado

Estancia Amakela Dove Hunting


Estancia Amakela Hunting Lodge

Location: Santiago Del Estero, Argentina
Hunting Trips: Doves, Pigeons

Estancia Chacu Dove Hunting Lodge


Tuku (Chacu) Hunting Lodge

Location: Salta, Argentina
Hunting Trips: Doves, Pigeons, Dorado

Dos Plumas Dove Hunting Lodge


Dos Plumas Hunting Lodge

Location: San Luis, Argentina
Hunting Trips: Doves, Pigeons

Los Laureles Dove Hunting Lodge


Los Laureles Hunting Lodge

Location: Entre Rios, Argentina
Hunting Trips: Doves, Ducks

Los Ombues Dove Hunting Lodge


Los Ombues Hunting Lodge

Location: Entre Rios, Argentina
Hunting Trips: Doves, Ducks


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