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September 9, 2019by Southern Outfitting

The dove in Argentina flies very similar to the dove in the US, therefore your shot presentations are essentially the same, and however there is one big difference which is simply the volume of dove.

On most days improved cylinder or even skeet is the preferred choke. You will almost immediately notice how much better your shooting percentages become for two reasons. 1) You can pick your shots. For example that 55 yard crossing dove that you have little chance of hitting, in the US most hunters take the shot. They do so hoping at a minimum they cause the dove to turn towards them, and there is a remote chance they get lucky and actually drop it. 2) Repetition! You will shoot as much as you want and get lots of practice at varied shot presentations. For dove shooters that have not experienced Argentina dove shooting, you will be amazed at how well you do shooting 35-40 yard shots using an improved cylinder choke.

Now on windy days in Argentina, much like in the US the dove fly much higher and faster. If a hunter is faced with high, fast birds you have a couple options. The first of course would be to tighten your choke to modified or even improved modified and practice your long leads. Once a shooter determines the lead you’ll be knocking down these birds consistently. The second option is to simply ignore the high birds, face into the wind and pick off the birds that have chosen to fly into the wind. There won’t be as many dove flying into the wind as with it, but it has been my experience around 10% of the dove you will see on windy days haven’t quite figured out to use the wind to their advantage. These birds will be by far the easiest shots as often they’ll be flying so slow it’s almost as if they are not moving.

In summary we suggest starting with skeet or improved cylinder and make adjustments to your choke as needed. Each shooter has different styles and preferences, so the most important issue related to shotgun chokes is to experiment and have fun!



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