Cast and Blast Argentina

“Cast and Blast Argentina” is commonly used for a combination dove hunting trip and dorado fishing trip.
Some may also refer to this as a hunting and fishing combo.
It’s important to note if you are in a productive dove area, there are no peak times of day you need to be in the field. Some may argue the morning is better than the afternoon, while others may say the converse, but the reality is, provided you are in a productive flyway, the doves are either on their way from the roost to the feeding grounds or on their way back and never stop moving until the sunsets. The point being the time of day or year should not affect your desire to fish for Dorado.

The Dorado isn’t as predictable as the dove, and we want to ensure our clients have excellent opportunities to catch fish. We generally take one day of your excursion and dedicate it to fishing. It is somewhat common, especially in the summertime, for an angler that is ready to get back to dry land and away from the sun beating down to end their fishing trip in the early afternoon. In this case, we will arrange for a shorter afternoon dove hunt if possible.

Many shooters who have had the opportunity to shoot dove in Argentina know that the shooting can be exhausting and repetitive, so they often like to mix things up a little with a Dorado fishing trip around the middle of their excursion. An Argentina Cast and Blast is an excellent break in the action, and anyone that hasn’t caught Dorado should try on their next trip!


Argentina Cast and Blast Lodges

Santa Adela Dorado Fishing


Santa Adela

Beautiful historic lodge just miles away the Uruguay River and its many tributaries. Easy to combine fishing trip to create the perfect cast and blast combo! Santa Adela is suitable for all ages, shooters and non-shooters. Offering bait casting, spinning and fly angling excursions.

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Golden Dorado Fishing at Tuku Lodge Argentina



Superb Dorado fishing rustic style for the more experienced angler. At Tuku we primarily fly fish wading the local waters seeking the monster dorado common to this area.

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Dove Hunting at Tuku Lodge
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