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January 25, 2022by Southern Outfitting

It is becoming challenging to bring your shotguns from the US into Argentina. In years past, it was as simple as arriving at your destination airport in Argentina and filling out some forms with the RENAR department, and paying a small entry fee. Today it is far more time-consuming, more expensive, and requires much more planning on the part of the outfitter and an agent who will be your personal guarantor that signs a document as assurance that your firearm will leave the country with you at the end of your trip.

The Federal Police and government have also irrationally determined that a semi-automatic shotgun is more dangerous than an over/under or side by side. Due to their views of semi-automatic firearms, it is effectively impossible to bring even the most common shotgun like the Beretta 391 or the Benelli M1 into the country. Because of the known challenges and bureaucracy in place, Southern Outfitting will not facilitate and/or assist with the temporary importation of semi-automatic shotguns. (This policy is in place for the protection of our clients, rather than a preference of your outfitter)

December 12, 2019by Southern Outfitting

On our list of suggested items to bring we have listed medical tape for your loading finger/thumb. We are commonly asked “what the heck is the tape for?” For those that have been to Argentina its likely you know, for those that haven’t experienced dove shooting in Argentina yet, we’ll be glad to explain.

For those that shoot double barrels this blog doesn’t apply.

On your busiest day at the skeet range or dove field in the US, you might load 100-150 rounds into your semi-automatic. In Argentina you may load 1000 or more rounds per day and over 3-4 days of shooting this equates to more than rounds than most shooters load in 2-3 years at home. Repeatedly pushing up and into the spring loaded tang or flap of the magazine tube thousands of times will cause your finger/thumb nail to be a sore, raw mess. I have seen the nasty bruising, sore digits and even blisters under the nail to bad that the nail fell off.

September 9, 2019by Southern Outfitting

The dove in Argentina flies very similar to the dove in the US, therefore your shot presentations are essentially the same, and however there is one big difference which is simply the volume of dove.

On most days improved cylinder or even skeet is the preferred choke. You will almost immediately notice how much better your shooting percentages become for two reasons. 1) You can pick your shots. For example that 55 yard crossing dove that you have little chance of hitting, in the US most hunters take the shot. They do so hoping at a minimum they cause the dove to turn towards them, and there is a remote chance they get lucky and actually drop it. 2) Repetition! You will shoot as much as you want and get lots of practice at varied shot presentations. For dove shooters that have not experienced Argentina dove shooting, you will be amazed at how well you do shooting 35-40 yard shots using an improved cylinder choke.

Each province within Argentina requires hunters to have a hunting license. Licenses known as “permiso o licencia de caza” and are paid to the Argentina Wildlife Resource Office, known as Argentina Ambiente or Fauna Departmento. Often you will hear the word permit used which is a more popular translation of license in Argentina.

Prior to your trip you outfitter will ask for passport information. This information is used for your hunting license and is supplied to the province in Argentina you will be hunting in.

The cost of the hunting license varies from province to province. For example in Cordoba Argentina the license is $65 per day which is at the high end of the scale. Many hunters that shoot doves in Cordoba hunt the afternoon of arrival and the morning of departure, and even though these 2 half days are considered 1 full day from a lodge perspective, for hunting licenses you will be required to pay the license fee for each day you hunt regardless of the length of your hunt. Entre Rios and Santiago del Estero provinces charges $150 for the entire hunt regardless of the number of days.



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