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The native language in Argentina is Spanish. Argentine Spanish influences Spain and Italy, and while their Spanish is not unique, it is slightly different than Spanish in Central America and Mexico. A person that speaks Spanish will, without question, be able to communicate perfectly in Argentina. Because of the European influence on the language, most Americans find Argentina’s Spanish to be a little easier to understand than perhaps Spanish from Mexico or Puerto Rico.

For more than 30 years, Cordoba has been the dove hunting capital of the world. There are multiple reasons for this which are described below.

First, Cordoba traditionally has been easy to get travel to. There are daily flights from Lima, Peru, Santiago Chile, and Buenos Aires. Additionally, the airport in Cordoba is much smaller than Ezeiza in Buenos Aires, thereby much easier and quicker to pass through customs and immigration.

Secondly, the city of Cordoba is located essentially in the middle of the province of Cordoba, so the central location of the city and airport allows short drives north, south, east, or west to the hunting areas. A typical drive to the lodge in the province of Cordoba can be as short as 1 hour and generally never more than 2 hours.

Thirdly Cordoba is and has been an agricultural hotspot. There are more than a million acres of grain crops in the province. With this immense production of grain, there is always plenty of food for the dove to eat without traveling far.



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