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The short answer is “as many as you want.”

 The long answer is there is no limit on doves in Argentina. The country of Argentina has an agricultural area that spans over 300,000 square miles. For perspective, this area is larger than the country of France and Portugal combined or larger than Texas and Ohio combined.

In this area, there is an estimated 200 million dove that, for the most part, do not migrate and indeed don’t migrate outside of the agricultural region.

 The dove finds home in roosts that cover thousands of acres and do nothing but eat, drink and make babies.

Indeed, in most parts of Argentina, there is a “high season” and a “low season.” 

 I caution hunters interested in visiting Argentina for a dove hunt to not confuse dove populations with the high and low seasons.

Depending on the lodge and the area,, the high season is generally between March and September, and the low season is between October and February.

 These seasons do not relate to dove populations but rather the demand on the lodges.

The high season is in higher demand for several reasons. First, the traditional starting date of duck season is May 1st, and the season runs through August in some provinces and through September in other provinces. Additionally, summer is upon us in the US, children, and grandchildren are out of school, and it is quite common for a father or grandfather to take their children hunting in the summer. For these reasons, there are more hunters in Argentina in these months and more demand for spaces at the respective lodges. In effect, a dove hunter competes with a duck hunter for a bed at the lodge and is also competing with many other dove hunters from the US.

The low season in the October-February range traditionally has fewer hunters. Again, we emphasize the reason for fewer hunters has nothing to do with the dove populations but rather the demand for rooms at the lodge.

Southern Outfitting and our partners are wing shooting specialists. Many big game species are commonly hunted in Argentina, but because our focus and our purpose are based around wing shooting in Argentina, this information is specific to the 4 main birds that are hunted in Argentina.

Dove (in Spanish Paloma) 

The Golden Eared dove is the most commonly hunted bird in Argentina.

 There is a 300,000 square mile area in the northern 1/3 of Argentina that boasts dove populations in the tens of millions and arguably hundreds of millions.

 In Argentina, decoys are not necessary. Our scouts know where the roosts are, so generally, 1-2 days before the arrival of hunters, the scouts visit the roosts to determine where the dove are flying. They follow the dove to their end location, which is often a freshly planted field, a field under harvest, or even cattle feeding areas. Next, the scouts locate an area in between the roost and the feeding area and set up blinds or locate patches of trees for the hunters to hunt under. The doves will all fly by in the same general direction. After lunch, the doves change course and head to the water holes. Again, the scouts know where the water holes are, so you will often hunt the same field, but the doves will come from the opposite direction of the morning hunt. 



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