Dos Plumas Pigeon Hunting Lodge

Location: San Luis, Argentina
Species: Pigeon

Our lodge Dos Plumas in San Luis offers contestably the best pigeon hunting in Argentina. There will always be the debate over which province in Argentina boasts more pigeons, however there is no debate about the tremendous volume of pigeon in the northern San Luis province.

We are pleased to have exclusive pigeon and dove hunting rights to the area which allows us to protect the engage in land management and bag limit philosophies that preserve populations and allow the best possible pigeon hunting in Argentina for many years to come.

While pigeons are in the area year around, the heaviest concentration of pigeons are in the area in the months of April through October. In the cooler months of May through September we have found that the pigeons decoy well and we hunt over spinning wing and carousel decoys. Dependent on the weather, wind conditions and pigeon behavior we may also pass shoot pigeons, however decoyed hunting is recognized as the preference of most clients. Our daily bag limits are 250-400 pigeons based on the group size and current pigeon populations.

In keeping to our commitment of maintaining a thriving pigeon population in the area our hunts are mixed hunts with doves in the morning and pigeons on the afternoon. We realize that some shooters may not be interested in the higher volume dove shooting; therefore we offer a small number of pigeon only hunts throughout the year at a premium over the normal daily rate. Since the number of pigeon only hunts is limited we recommend planning your dedicated pigeon hunt 8-12 months in advance.

Please allow us to be your host at Dos Plumas and offer you the finest pigeon hunting available in Argentina.

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