El Carmen Dorado Fishing Lodge

El Carmen Dorado Fishing Lodge

Location: Entre Rios, Argentina
Species: Dorado

El Carmen is our beautiful little secret just west of the town of Concepcion del Uruguay. The lodge is a quaint 150 year old farmhouse restored and converted to a countryside bed and breakfast. Our relationship with the owners and guides allow us to use this beautiful manor as our base for Dorado fishing and dove hunting. It just a 3 hour ground transfer to the lodge from the Buenos Aires, so for those eager to begin their excursion it’s very possible to begin fishing or dove hunting on your day of arrival.

The location makes El Carmen the perfect location for our outdoorsmen that like to dove hunt and dorado fish from the same location. There are two major dove roosts nearby and of course the massive Uruguay River and her tributaries are just a few miles to the east. The lodge itself has 2 large bedrooms, each with a private bath, making it very suitable for smaller hunting and fishing groups. Don’t be deceived El Carmen while seemingly small is quite the contrary, as there are large living areas, dining room, bar area as well as patio and courtyard, in addition the staff lives on property consuming a wing of the living area.

Fishing in this area, unlike southern and western Argentina is done by boat. We use large center console boats with deep hulls and large outboard motors. The crafts allow enough room to move freely and plenty of stability for those that have concerns about boating in the larger waters. Most commonly we fish two anglers per boat, but can allow as many as three. All fishing excursions are professionally guided with a captain that knows the waters and fishing areas well. We fish the bigger waters using bait casting and spinning equipment and large colorful lures. If you have had the experience to fish for dorado you know that when it comes to lures, bigger is better. For those that have not, you will be amazed at the size of the baits used. The dorado are a marauding species and protect their areas aggressively. The large lures passing by are seen less as bait, more as intruders and are attacked violently. After you hook your first dorado you’ll know immediately why dorado fishing is so much fun.

You do not need to be an experienced angler to fish in this location. We cater the fishing style and areas around the clients experience and abilities. In addition to catering to clients with varied experience levels we are able to offer fishing excursions year around.

El Carmen is considered a top spot for dove hunting which makes it very easy for us to combine a dove hunting and dorado fishing excursion to create the perfect hunting and fishing combination for you and your friends and family.


  • Cast and Blast Combo
  • Less than 3 hours from Buenos Aires
  • Professional Fishing guides
  • Fishing for all experience levels
  • Local Wines, liquor and beer
  • Good Cell Phone Reception at lodge

Try a day of Dorado fishing at El Carmen and find out why Dorado are so much fun to catch!

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