Estancia Chacu Dorado Fishing Lodge

Location: Salta, Argentina
Species: Dorado

The province of Salta now that dove and pigeon hunting has been allowed for more than 10 years has gained the reputation of one of the leading wing shooting areas in the world, but it is not as well-known as one of the finest areas in Argentina for dorado fishing. In the past it was very difficult to find information about guided fishing in Salta, which left anglers apprehensive about flying thousands of miles away to a remote area without some guarantee of the fishing potential and quality of accommodations. This is no longer the case as our lodge in Salta addresses all concerns that an angler may have.

Chacu lodge was built in 2008 as a multipurpose lodge, meaning we offer dove hunting, pigeon hunting and of course dorado fishing from the same location. The location of the lodge was strategically chosen to be in an area that allows first class hunting and fishing excursions and is a 5 star operation by all definitions. The lodge is located just 20 minutes southwest of the town of Las Lajitas, which allows us to fish in 4 major water systems in the area. The primary waters fished are the Rio de Valle, however our guides know the Rio Seco, Rio Dorado, and Juramento river systems well and chose the areas you fish based on weather, temperature, preferred fishing style and of course Dorado activity.

Fishing in this area is not to be confused with the shooting. It’s easy for clients make an association with the dove hunting and believe fishing will be the same. In Salta we don’t “hunt” dove, we “shoot” dove as they are so abundant, predictable and easy to locate, while with dorado we fish for them not catch them.

The fishing in this area can be considered primitive as the areas in which we fish are very remote and unspoiled by man. The fishing is challenging and recommended to seasoned anglers in good physical condition as there is much walking and wading in the river beds filled with rocks. Most commonly we fly fish the area, however if spin casting is requested can allow for this by choosing the proper areas to fish in. Waders are not needed as we fish in the warmer months; however a good pair of wading shoes is suggested.

All fishing is catch and release using barbless hooks to insure the long-term sustainability of the dorado in this area. Fishing is done in the months of March through June, with a break in the colder Argentina months, then we resume fishing in September and run through early December. Salta being a semi-tropical area has a rainy season which is in the heat of the summer meaning lots of rain in January and February.

With the luxury in accommodations and level of service Estancia Chacu is very well suited for our non-shooting and fishing guests.

Why not get your lines wet in Salta and allow us to host you at Estancia Chacu!

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