Golden Dorado Fishing Argentina

Some of the country’s most substantial populations are found throughout the Argentine and Uruguay River systems. Adult Dorado ranges from 4 to 20 pounds, with an occasional fish caught in the 40 pounds plus range. These aggressive fish have a voracious appetite and eat nearly everything, including fish, frogs, and believe it or not, birds that are unlucky enough to fall prey to them.
We fish in two geographical areas: Eastern Argentina in the Uruguay and Parana rivers and Western Argentina in the Del Valle and the Juramento Rivers. Surprisingly in central Argentina, there are no fishable waters, so our fishing options are limited to Entre Rios and Salta provinces.

In the eastern waters, we fish by boat on “big water” using spinning, baitcasting, and even fly-fishing equipment. This fishing is suitable for all anglers, from the first-time fisherman to the most experienced angler. Our boats are 20-22 foot center consoles with plenty of room to sit, stand, and, most notably, fish. Each boat is equipped with all necessary safety equipment and modern electronics, which allows the highest chances of success on your trip. On a good day on the water, one might expect several Dorado in the 3-10 pound ranges, scattered fish local to Argentina like the Surubi, Chafalote (aka Machete), and of course, the infamous Piranha.

In the western waters, there are two main fishing areas that are fished, which are the Del Valle River and the Juramento River. In the Del Valle River, you will wade into the temperate mountain waters in search of the elusive Dorado. This area presents the most difficult challenge, but the rewards are well worth it, as the Dorado in this river runs between 4 and 6 pounds. The Juramento is wider and deeper, and the fishing is done in small boats, floats, or on the riverbanks. It is easy to use both spinning rigs and fly rods in the Juramento, and because the Dorado are very plentiful in this river, your chance of Dorado Fishing in South America success is high. The Dorado in this area generally runs between 12-15 pounds, and if you are lucky, you may catch one of the 40-pound monsters that are known to frequent this river. Fishing in the western waters of Argentina is better suited for the more experienced angler, as lots of work and finesse are required to have a successful fishing trip.

For those that are familiar with Argentina dove, we don’t go dove hunting; rather, dove shooting while fishing in Argentina is fishing, not catching. Mother Nature and luck bless us on some days while curses us on others.


Argentina Dorado Fishing Lodges

Santa Adela Dorado Fishing


Santa Adela

Beautiful historic lodge just miles away the Uruguay River and its many tributaries. Easy to combine fishing trip to create the perfect cast and blast combo! Santa Adela is suitable for all ages, shooters and non-shooters. Offering bait casting, spinning and fly angling excursions.

Golden Dorado Fishing at Tuku Lodge Argentina



Superb Dorado fishing rustic style for the more experienced angler. At Tuku we primarily fly fish wading the local waters seeking the monster dorado common to this area.


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