It’s actually quite easy to bring your shotgun with you on a duck or dove hunting trip to Argentina. First of course you need an airline approved, lockable gun case. When you arrive at the ticket counter at your local airport tell the agent you have a firearm. They will ask you to open your case, make sure your gun is unloaded and fill out an orange tag demonstrating the firearm has been checked and is unloaded. A copy of the orange tag will be placed in your gun case, then you lock it up and it then goes through the process that all other baggage goes through before being loaded on the plane. Generally speaking this will be the last time you see your shotgun until you arrive at your destination, even if you have connecting flights. (If connecting in Santiago Chile they may ask you to open the case and once again verify the shotgun is unloaded before loading onto your final flight into Argentina)

Argentina allows each hunter enter the country with a maximum of 3 shotguns. Extra barrel sets are considered an additional gun, so a 2 barrel set counts as 2 guns.

The department that processes your paperwork and registers your firearms is called RENAR (Registro Nacional de Armas y Explosivos). Upon arrival into Argentina and after collecting your luggage and entering the customs area of the airport you simply tell the customs officer you have a shotgun (escopeta in Spanish) and you will be directed to the RENAR department. Here the officers will match your RENAR form up to your shotgun ensuring the make, model and serial numbers match. There is a fee for bringing your shotgun, and it ranges between $100 and $140 U$D per shotgun/barrel, paid in cash to directly to the RENAR department.

As part of the service that Southern Outfitting provides, we will complete your RENAR forms and answer any questions you may have related to bringing your own shotgun to Argentina.

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