Argentina Hunts

Each year approximately 25,000 Americans visit Argentina in the pursuit of the finest hunting available in the world. Argentina is a beautiful country that has influences from the US, Brazil, Spain, Italy and perhaps other parts of Europe, but has taken these influences and blended them into a culture that welcomes Americans to their beautiful lands. The economy is largely based on the exportation of grains to include wheat, corn, Sorghum, and sunflower. In addition to grain farming Argentina is one of the largest beef producing countries in the world, much of which is exported throughout the globe.

Argentina Dove Hunting

Argentina is the premier dove hunting destination in the world. Experience the thrill first hand!

Argentina Duck Hunting

Thrilling duck hunting adventures everyday with gracious bag limits ensures the experience of a lifetime.

When you mix immense farmland, with mild climates, adequate rainfall and perfect soil conditions you not only create the perfect environment for farming, you create the perfect habitat for the most immense and diverse wing shooting opportunities in the world.

Argentina Pigeon Hunting

Enjoy the thrill of pigeon hunting? Argentina boast some of the largest population of pigeon in the world.

Argentina Dorado Fishing

Experience the worlds best dorado fishing in Argentina on the Uruguay River as well as many other locations.

For high volume dove hunting Argentina has food and roosting areas the doves need to flourish, for world class duck hunting Argentina has the river and marsh systems to sustain tremendous populations of duck, for excellent pigeon hunting the climate is just right to sustain a large population that spans several countries across South America and for perdiz hunting with the no till farming practices and hedgerows and ditch lines that separate fields insure a thriving population of perdiz for many generations to come. These conditions make Argentina the most desirable hunting destination on the planet.

The country of Argentina is roughly 1 million square miles in size making it roughly 1/3 the size of the US, but with a population just 10% of the US. Most of the population of Argentina lives in near the largest cities which are Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba and Mendoza, which makes the majority of Argentina extremely rural. In the hunting areas it’s quite common to see communities of several hundred people with no cars, their mode of transportation being horses and bicycles.

In the urban areas of Argentina schools begin teaching English to the children in the second grade, so hunters with a desire to visit Argentina need not be intimidated by not being able to speak Spanish. In addition to an educated population there is not a drug culture seen in countries like Columbia, Peru and Bolivia which always leads to crime.

So with the appreciation for Americans, safe environment, minimal language barriers, abundant game, daily flights from the US and cost effective hunting packages everything points to Argentina for being best dove and duck hunting destination in the world.

Please contact Southern Outfitting and allow us to answer any question you have about the beautiful country of Argentina and award us the pleasure of helping you plan the hunt of a lifetime.

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