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Argentina is a large country, roughly 1/3 the size of the continental United States.

There are only 4 cities in the country that have what is considered large populations. Buenos Aires city is the largest, with a population of 15 million. In second place is Cordoba city with roughly 1.5 million. Rosario and Mendoza round out the list at slightly less than 1 million residents. After these 4 cities, there are just a few with populations over 400,000 people.

The large cities in Argentina, particularly Buenos Aires, are similar to large cities in Europe from the standpoint of safety. Specifically means there are homeless and beggars in the populated areas, however, the beggars are not aggressive and pose no threat whatsoever to American travelers.

 Argentine cities and the entire country do not have a culture of drugs and do not have gangs and criminal networks. There is no culture of firearm ownership, and only the most affluent have developed a passion for hunting over the last 50-75 years. Generally, a culture of crime is a byproduct of the illegal drug trade. Unlike Columbia, Brazil, and Bolivia, Argentina has never had to deal with these problems.

Of note to American travelers, native Argentines have the innate ability to recognize travelers as Americans immediately. They see the color of our skin, what we are wearing, and how we speak and “target” us for donations. Keep in mind the citizens of Argentina have experienced severe inflation and a devaluation of their currency. Hence, a “rich American tourist” is likely to have a dollar or two to spare, while a resident of Buenos Aires does not. For this reason, you may see a vagrant walk past 10 Argentines to approach you.

Rest assured that while you may be approached for a handout, you are not in danger of being robbed or pickpocketed. The vagrants respect the tourists, and while they may try to tug on your heartstrings, they present no threat.

The further you get away from the city of Buenos Aires, the less you will encounter panhandlers. At our lodges, you are entirely safe. The lodge staff works hard for you, and they are honest and hardworking people. They love Americans and love the income we bring them. They will never do anything to jeopardize their job with the lodge, and they will treat you with respect and kindness. A hunter can even leave money sitting on a dresser on a nightstand, and the money is as safe as it is in a bank.

Finally, in your travels to and from Argentina on any trip booked with Southern Outfitting, the moment you exit customs at your destination airport to the moment you are dropped off at the airport for your return flight, you will be accompanied by the lodge staff.

 Bottom line, YES, Argentina is very safe to visit!



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