La Peregina Pigeon Hunting Lodge

Location: Santiago del Estero, Argentina
Species: Pigeon

The province of Santiago del Estero is known among dedicated pigeon hunters to be one of the best areas in the world for decoyed and passing pigeon hunting. This is true due to the effusive farmland and roosting areas that are prevalent throughout the province.

Pigeon hunting at La Peregrina is offered in the months of April through October with the months of May through September being the most desirable months.

At La Peregrina we hunt over carousel and mojo type spinning wing decoys, as well as pass shoot. Each day our scouts determine the best location and best type of hunting for that day and call the bird boys to set up the blinds and decoys if necessary.

This area is home to both Picazuro and Spot winged pigeons in great numbers and each hunter can expect to shoot a mix of both birds on any given day. In general the ratio of Picazuro to Spot Wing will be 1:10 or based on climate and time of year as high as 3:10. Our daily limits at the lodge for pigeon are 250-300 based on group size and current pigeon populations in the area.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to hunt pigeons in Argentina we strongly encourage you to give it a try. Decoyed pigeon hunting can be compared duck hunting over land without calling for them as the pigeons are attracted to the decoys much like ducks and are crafty and evasive once they know there are hunters present. For our hunters that are familiar with the challenge and pleasure of pigeon hunting we encourage you to try a hunt in Santiago del Estero and see for yourself why this area truly a pigeon hunters paradise.

Try Argentina Pigeon hunting with us at La Peregrina!

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