Los Laureles Dove Hunting Lodge

Location: Entre Rios, Argentina
Species: Dove

Most everyone with an interest in high volume dove hunting available in Argentina know about the Cordoba area, and likely Salta and Entre Rios, however its likely few know about the area of Parana Argentina and the staggering dove population this area boasts. The agricultural band of land that runs from northern borders of Argentina to the just south of the San Luis Province is the home to hundreds of millions of dove concentrated in several hundred square miles. By looking at map of Argentina, finding Cordoba in the north central part of the country and looking due east you will find the city of Parana and see that this area shares the same longitude as Cordoba. This is important as Parana is well within the this band of agriculture due to the climate, soil conditions and agriculture practices. So simply put the reason why Cordoba has so many doves is the same reason Parana can boast similar volumes of dove, but with no hunting pressure!

Most hunters find Cordoba desirable because it is easy to get to, which is accurate, however with daily flights from Buenos Aires to Parana and Santa Fe our lodge is quite easy to as well. In addition to daily commercial flights another option is to take a 6 hour ground transfer from Buenos Aires, which may seem long, but because the flights come in from the US in early morning it’s quite possible to get to the lodge for a late lunch and quick dove hunt before dinner in the Argentina summer time when the days are longer.

Los Laureles has room for 12 guests in 6 spacious bedrooms each with private bath. In addition to spacious living areas and large guest rooms there are indoor and outdoor bar areas, as well as a Jacuzzi and pool which is a hit in the hot Argentine summers. The lodge rests on the banks of the Parana river, just outside of the aptly name town of Parana. Los Laureles is one of the few dove hunting lodges in Argentina that can accurately claim that all shooting is done on property owned by the lodge. In addition the lodge and surrounding property is owned and managed by the outfitter. This unique distinction assures that all details of your hunting and lodging experience are of the highest quality. The service and luxury at Los Laureles is fairly described as 5-star in a way that is not overt and pretentious.

We are privileged to have a location on the banks of the Parana River which allows our hunters in the months of September through April to combine their dove hunting trip with dorado fishing. Our Cast and Blast Combos are arguably the best in Argentina due the quantity of doves and quality of dorado fishing.

With the quality of accommodations and service levels Los Laureles is not only wildly desired by our dove hunting clients the lodge is suitable for our non-shooting guests, and to that point it’s quickly becoming a popular destination for rest and relaxation in the Argentina countryside

  • 5-Star Lodging
  • Gourmet Meals
  • Competitive Dove hunting packages
  • Cast and Blast combos at very competitive rates Sept-April
  • Dove roost just minutes away on lodge property
  • Dorado fishing on Parana river just minutes away
  • Short drives to fields
  • Exquisite Wines, liquor and beer
  • High Speed Wireless internet
  • Satellite TV

Be our guests at Los Laureles and allow us to provide a high volume dove hunting opportunity that rivals Cordoba!

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