Posta del Norte Dove Hunting Lodge

Location: Cordoba, Argentina
Species: Dove

Posta del Norte is one of three Argentina dove hunting lodges in the Flyways lodge family and is situated in the Macha region of Cordoba Argentina. The location of the lodge provides arguably the best dove hunting in all of Cordoba and possibly Argentina, as the lodge is nestled between the 2 of the largest dove roosts in Cordoba. Posta del Norte, affectionately referred to as Posta is just 75 minutes north of the airport in Cordoba and right in the center of the Macha and Churqui dove roosts. Because of the great location Posta is quickly becoming one of the most recognized and respected dove shooting lodges in the area.

Posta del Norte’s business model is the perfect blend of 5 star service, coupled with the best dove hunting in Argentina at surprisingly competitive rates. The lodge typically does not combine groups which allows a private and more accommodating setting, which is not often found in dove lodges in Argentina. This makes Posta del Norte the perfect dove lodge for families and even business outings. While the service is truly 5 star the atmosphere is not stuffy or pretentious like some competitive dove hunting lodges.

The primary reason Posta is so popular is few lodges can boast they hunt doves in the two largest roosts in Cordoba. This matters as it affords us the ability to have many different shooting areas and allows different types of shot presentations throughout the day. For those that enjoy the English high bird we can hunt at the base of the hill tops, or for those that like the incoming shots, your stand will a well camouflaged stand near the various water holes and streams. For those that enjoy the crossing dove shots, this too is easy to accomplish as we simply set your shooting area up in the flyway. For those that have hunted high volume dove in Argentina you’ll understand that the shooting can become a little repetitive and at Posta del Norte we understand this and work hard to give you exactly what you want in a dove hunting trip from the standpoint of shot selection.

The lodge has 6 double bedrooms each with its own bathroom and for larger groups we can use the manager’s room as a 7th bedroom allowing groups of up to 14. You can expect gourmet meals, fine regional wines and top shelf liquor at Posta del Norte and for those that enjoy a fine cigar, a nice selection of Cubans are available. Because of the meals, atmosphere, lodging and service at Posta del Norte it is quite common for hunters to bring their non-shooting wives and allow them to be pampered at the lodge while they enjoy Argentina high volume dove hunting at its finest!

  • Record Setting Dove Hunting
  • Just 75 Minutes from Cordoba Airport
  • Gourmet Meals
  • 5 Star Service
  • Fine Wines, liquor and beer
  • Indoor and outdoor bars
  • Laundry service
  • Sauna
  • Masseuse
  • High Speed Wireless internet
  • Satellite TV

Come see for yourself why Posta del Norte represents the best value in luxury Argentina dove hunting!

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