San Fernando Dorado Fishing Lodge

Location: Salta, Argentina
Species: Dorado

San Fernando is the sister lodge of Chacu located just off the banks of the Rio Seco in the center of the semi-tropical jungles of Salta. Due to its location and focus we consider San Fernando strictly a Dorado fishing lodge and suitable for only the most avid and dedicated anglers. The area being essentially a rain forest provides a rustic fishing experience unlike any other location.

In this area we wade the crystal clear rivers and streams using primarily fly rods, floating line and large colorful flies which the dorado find most appealing. We fish primarily the Rio Seco and the Dorado river, however we do have access to the del Valle and Juramento rivers if your guides feel the fishing will be more productive in those locations. The rainy season is January and February, so we do not plan to fish in these months, and because the dorado like the warmer waters we fish March-June and September-December.

On your trip you might see toucans, parakeets, parrots and a host of other tropical and semi-tropical birds as well as mountain pigs, and even an occasional anteater. Of course your objective is the beautifully colored Golden Dorado, which on a good day you may hook 10-15 dorado in the 2-3 pound range, sometimes a 5-8 pounder, and if the fishing gods and luck is on your side perhaps a river monster over 15 pounds! Each pair of anglers is assigned a guide who knows the waters and dorado intimately which allows your best chances of catching fish.

The lodge well is suited for 4-6 anglers with 2 large bedrooms each with bath. The lodge staff and guides stay at the lodge with you, so lodge is actually larger than the 2 guest bedroom set up suggests. In the spirit of San Fernando being a fishing lodge, we do not consider the accommodations luxurious, rather clean, comfortable and welcoming, with the necessary amenities.

The area and fishing is rustic therefore we recommend to only the most seasoned anglers. We do not recommend this lodge for non-fishing spouses, however our sister lodge Chacu is very well suited for our non-fishing guests.

  • True Rustic fishing for the seasoned angler
  • Can combine with dove hunting in Salta at sister lodge
  • Less than 3 hours from Salta airport
  • Situated on the banks of the Seco River
  • Ability to fish in multiple areas
  • Professional angling guides
  • Local Wines, liquor and beer

Come experience some of the finest fishing in the world at San Fernando!

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