Santa Adela Duck Hunting Lodge

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Species: Duck

This lodge is our newest, yet oldest lodge. Santa Adela more than 140 years old and was a gift from the King of Spain to his general for his service to the crown.
The lodge itself is elegant, by keeping with the look and feel of a historic estancia built in 1800’s but has been completely restored to modern standards to include Wi-fi, cellular phone service, modern HVAC and satellite TV service.

Unlike many hunting areas in Argentina there are 8-9 direct flights every day of the week departing from major airports throughout the US. Our lodge is just 2 hours 30 minutes from the Airport in Buenos Aires, which allows our hunters to take on a full afternoon hunt on the day of arrival, and have plenty of time to take on a morning hunt, shower, pack and relax on your last day before your journey back home.

Santa Adela is located in prime duck hunting areas due to its location just west of the Uruguay River. The Uruguay creates a vast marsh, lagoon and pond system that the millions of resident ducks in the area make their home in the Argentine winters.

While the flooded wetlands are the perfect habitat for the tremendous populations of ducks, just minutes away from the lodge are hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland, which bring in the doves by the millions. The lodge rests in the middle of a large grove of trees which the dove roost in.. Since the ranch is truly a working ranch in place not only raise cattle, the grain crops to feed the cattle are grown on property, thereby with this abundance of food, water and roosting grounds we fairly boast dove hunting at Santa Adela is equal to its rival and better-known Cordoba. Additionally with the no till farming methods common to Argentina, the harvested wheat, sorghum and corn fields provide excellent breeding and feeding grounds for perdiz and rabbits, thereby we offer as part of your mixed bag excursion world class perdiz hunting over English Pointers.
Finally with the location so close to the Uruguay river we offer Dorado fishing as part of our Mixed bag and cast and blast dove and dorado fishing programs.

Our lodge has 10 spacious bedrooms, each with 2 double beds and private bathroom, so we use this location for our larger groups. Fully stocked indoor and outdoor bars are in place to make our guests feel right at home.

Patricio Geijo is our outfitting partner at Santa Adela. Patricio is widely respected among Argentina duck hunting guides not only for his attention to detail, but most importantly his honest approach in setting expectations. His hands on approach to hunting and experienced staff assure that every detail of your hunting trip exceeds expectations. Because of the level of service, location and luxury at Santa Candida Palace it is quite common for hunters to bring their non-shooting wives with them on their duck hunting vacation.

  • Elegant and refined lodging
  • Liberal duck bag limits
  • Close to the town of Concepcion del Uruguay
  • Doves, perdiz and dorado as a bonus
  • Just 2 ½ hours from Buenos Aires
  • First Class environment, First Class service
  • Local Wines, liquor and beer
  • High Speed Wireless internet
  • Satellite TV

Lets begin planning your hunt of a lifetime at our newest, yet oldest lodge!

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