Santo Domingo Duck Hunting Lodge

Location: Entre Rios, Argentina
Species: Duck

Santo Domingo is one of the few duck hunting lodges in Argentina that can legitimately claim world class duck hunting just 2 hours from the international airport in Buenos Aires. Santo Domingo rests on the banks Paranacito River, near the town of Villa Paranacito. The lodge property is actually a working cattle ranch resting on over 5000 acres of pasture land. Because the lodge and surrounding property is privately owned, all hunting is done on lodge property which allows game management practices to ensure the duck population thrives and remains on property year around. Unlike many competitive locations there is no competition for land leases and hunting areas which gives us the ability to provide top quality duck hunting every single day of the Argentina duck season. Additionally due to the location we are fortunate to allow more liberal bag limits than most duck hunting lodges in Argentina.

The immense wetlands that provide the perfect habitat for ducks tend not to be ideal for the other species of birds commonly hunted in Argentina like dove, perdiz and pigeon. Consequently we consider Santo Domingo a duck hunting lodge only. For those hunters that desire a mixed bag hunting experience while in Argentina it is quite common for us to combine a duck hunting trip at Santo Domingo with a mixed bag trip at the sister lodge Los Laureles.

Santo Domingo is a beautiful lodge perfectly suited for duck hunters. We have indoor and outdoor bars, spacious living quarters, and well equipped gun/mud room with a nice selection of rental guns. There are 3 bedrooms, each with a private bath making the lodge very suitable for groups from 4-6 hunters.

  • Just 2 hours from Buenos Aires
  • Liberal back limits
  • Morning and Afternoon Duck Hunting
  • Ability to combine trips with sister lodge Los Laureles
  • Hunting done on lodge property
  • Exclusive rights to all duck hunting in area
  • Local Wines, liquor and beer
  • High Speed Wireless internet
  • Satellite TV

Come experience for yourself some of the best duck hunting in Argentina!

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