Argentina Dorado

The prized catch in Argentina is the Golden Dorado. This beautiful and colorful fish can be found throughout the rivers and streams of South America. The Dorado are warm water fish and are isolated to the fresh water systems in Southern Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. North of these areas, the water is too hot, and south of these areas the water is too cold, so this condition puts the wide mass of land across central Argentina directly in the center of the Dorado fishing hotspot.

The Golden Dorado is not to be confused which the Dorado often caught off the coast of the US. The Golden Dorado is a fresh water fish, whereas our Dorado is a saltwater fish that is commonly referred to as the Dolphin, or Mahi Mahi. The South American Golden Dorado is in the Salmon family (Salminus Maxilosus), and shares some of the same traits, but unlike our Salmon the Dorado have razor sharp teeth, and a propensity to jump 3-5 feet out of the water when hooked. In addition to jumping high out of the water, it’s common for the fish to shake their bodies violently and affectively spitting the hook. Dorado translates to “gold” in Spanish, because of the bright gold coloration, however the nickname for the fish in Argentina is river Tiger.

Because of the geography and water systems in Argentina there are two primary areas to fish for Dorado, each with distinctly differing fishing styles. In Western Argentina in the Salta province we fly fish almost exclusively. The river systems are smaller, and the area is rugged, so wading in shallow waters is the preferred method. In the Salta area there are 4 primary rivers which are del Valle, Juramento, Dorado, and Seco rivers. Fishing in Salta can fairly be equated to trout fishing in Colorado streams, but in warm water.

Fishing in this Salta is done September through June, because the months of July and August historically are a bit too cold for the Dorado to be active. This area is semi-tropical with a distinct rainy season in January and February, so for the best chance at good fishing plan your trip around the 2 month rainy season and 2 month cold season.

In eastern Argentina there are two huge river systems, which converge in Buenos Aires. Just 1 hour north of Buenos Aires is the province of Entre Rios which is an extremely desirable fishing location because of its proximity to the water, and as such is aptly named, as Entre Rios translates to “between two rivers”. The Uruguay River is a huge river that runs down the eastern edge of Argentina and creates border between Argentina and Uruguay. The river system to the west of Buenos Aires is the Parana River, which snakes down from the country of Paraguay. This river is a little smaller than the Uruguay, but because of the meandering path from Paraguay to Buenos Aires the Parana River provides the ingredients for excellent fishing. Fishing in this area is done primarily by boat using spinning or bait casting equipment and large plugs. Because of the larger water systems we are able to fish these waters year around.

Whether you fish in the eastern or western areas, it’s quite common to combine your fishing trip with dove hunting. We offer cast and blast combinations which are considered the Ultimate outdoor experience!

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