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Many hunters chose to bring their own shotguns with them on their Duck or Dove hunting excursions to Argentina or other locations across the globe. It’s actually quite easy to bring your own shotgun, but something that is often overlooked by clients and even outfitters is the US Customs requirement demonstrating that the firearm was not purchased abroad. There are many reasons for this, certainly some related to duties, others related to obtaining the firearm illegally, and probably most importantly can the individual legally possess a firearm in the US.

The US Department of Homeland Security along with US Customs and Border protection require that for re-entry of a firearm into the United States that US Customs Form CPB 4457 accompanies each firearm. These forms are simple to obtain and there is no charge. Simply visit your local US Customs Office with your firearm and ask for form CPB 4457. You will complete part of the form, the officer will verify the serial number, sign, date and stamp the form. The form does not expire and with this you are free to enter and exit the US as often as you like.

In theory US Customs can seize your firearm without this form, or possibly force you to pay duty, and at a minimum you will be hassled at the airport when you return. Southern Outfitting strongly suggests that anyone traveling abroad with a firearm to go through the simple process of obtaining your Customs Form before your departure!



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