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October 19, 2021by Southern Outfitting

Nearly every lodge in Argentina is quite suitable for wives that do not hunt, as the service, meals, food and wines that are offered appeal to most women. Additionally all of the lodges that our company represents are in very safe areas. So from a lodge standpoint we have no problems in recommending that hunters bring their spouses.

For those that are considering bringing their wives with them it’s important to keep in mind that most lodges are located in areas that are conducive to excellent hunting which by default means that activities outside of hunting are very limited. Simply put you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of hectares of agricultural lands, and likely 90 more minutes from the closest city of any size.

In general lodges will offer nature trails, horseback riding, cooking classes, wine tasting and massages. Some lodges will charge for these activities, while others may include them in their daily rates.

A popular activity for most wives is shopping, and many of our non-shooters find pleasure in shopping in the center of the small towns. These towns tend not to be touristy and often there are arts and crafts that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Keep in mind though these shops support the local population which can be as few as 500, so having a very broad selection of items that appeal to the shopper isn’t likely, however finding that very special and unique souvenir is quite possible.

Depending on the area you may want to take on a site seeing tour and include shopping as part of the excursion. If hunting dove in Cordoba, the city of Cordoba is generally less than 2 hours from the lodge so it’s pretty easy to put together a day trip that includes shopping, lunch and site seeing. In Salta the same applies as the city of Salta is 2 hours from the lodge. If hunting ducks in the east there are many lodges that range between 2 and 5 hours from the city of Buenos Aires. Because of the size of the city, the things to do there and the travel time required we do not recommend day trips to Buenos Aires, however we do recommend spending at least a day in the city learning about the Argentine culture and simply experiencing one of the largest cities in the world. (see our blog titled “things to do in Buenos Aires”)

So to summarize things to do for non-shooting spouses, see below. Make sure to check with your outfitter to determine which are available at the specific lodge you will be visiting.

Nature walks, horseback riding, polo lesson, golf, Spanish lessons, cooking class, bird watching, site seeing, shopping, relaxing by the pool, wine tasting, and joining your spouse in the field and sharing his wing shooting experience!



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