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Argentina is famous for many things; however, viewers of this information on our site are likely to have a primary interest in wing shooting rather than tourism; thereby, we will keep this information focused on things that a hunting group would likely be exposed to or would want to be exposed to.

Hunting – Of course, Argentina is famous for the best wing shooting in the world. Hundreds of millions of doves, huge populations of duck, 2 species of pigeon in large numbers, and upland game bird known as the Perdiz bring approximately 30,000 American hunters to Argentina each year.

Fishing. – Argentina’s prized trophy fish is the Golden Dorado. This trophy fish can be found only in the fresh waters of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. There are many other species which include Piranha, South American catfish, Surubi, and the infamous Machete.

Farmland – Argentina is one of the world’s leading producers of grain crops and beef. The two go hand and hand as the cattle need pastures to graze in and the grain as part of their diet.

It is not uncommon to drive 30 or more miles and see nothing but crops, farmland, and a few small farmhouses on your drive. Some of the larger ranches are more than 6000 hectares or almost 15,000 acres.

Cattle – Amazingly, there are 35% more heads of cattle in Argentina than there are people. It is estimated that there are 55 million heads of cattle in the country. It is not uncommon to see a pasture with 5000-6000 heads grazing or 5-acre feed lots with nearly 1000 heads devouring grain out of the troughs that surround the feed pen.

Asado – Asados are an Argentine method of Barbequing meat. On any hunt with Southern Outfitting, you will enjoy several asados, often even in the field at lunchtime. The chef selects the best woods for the fire, which are like our mesquite, but they are woods native to Argentina. The Asado is an open grill and most commonly cooked are beef, chicken, pork, and chorizo (Argentine sausage)

Uruguay River – This river creates the border of Argentina and Uruguay. While the Uruguay River doesn’t rank as one of the longest or widest rivers in the world, it is a beautiful river teeming with many species of fish. The banks of Uruguay are commonly used as “beaches” due to the clear water and the soft riverbanks.

Buenos Aires – The city of Buenos Aires is an excellent attraction in itself, with hundreds of things to do. A traveler can make a day out of it, or easily a week. Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and the second-largest city in South America, second only to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

 In the capital city, you will find influence from Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany, and even the USA.

Argentine Tango – While not a dancer myself, watching a Tango dance is entertaining and impressive. There are many areas in Argentina where you can see Tango dancing in the streets and in restaurants. Often the lodges will bring in Tango dancers as entertainment after dinner.

My favorite dancers are the children that dress up very nicely in formal attire and take their performances with the highest level of seriousness and commitment.

Malbec Wines – Argentina is famous for its wines, specifically Malbec. There are 6 areas in Argentina where grapes are grown, but the majority of wine comes from the Mendoza province, which is in the western part of Argentina and at the base of the Andes Mountains. This mountainous region arguably produces some of the best grapes in the world. Rest assured when hunting at any lodge Southern Outfitting offers; you will be served fine Malbec wines as often as you desire.

Patagonia – Argentina is nearly as long as the United States is wide, at roughly 2500 miles north/south. Argentina is south of the equator; the further south you go, the colder it gets.

Patagonia isn’t a city per say, but rather a geographic region that is shared with Chile and Argentina, and most of the region falls within Argentina. At the most southern tip of the region is Cape Horn; from the tip of Cape Horn, Antarctica is just a few hundred miles away.

Gauchos – Gauchos in Argentina are effectively cowboys. In the cities, you may see Gauchos as performers, but in rural areas where you will be hunting, the gauchos are working their livestock. Gauchos are proud farmers that take their jobs seriously. They are not performers, and while not impersonal, when you see them, they are working, so it is uncommon for them to stop and chat or pose for pictures.

Soccer – Soccer is the largest sport in the world, both in terms of the number of players and in the total number of fans. Argentina takes soccer very seriously, even more seriously than most Americans view the NFL. As you drive through cities on the way to your lodge, you will see many soccer stadiums and most certainly see kids and adults playing soccer in the streets, parks, and schoolyards.

Mate – Pronounced Ma-Tay. This is a drink that most Americans would consider unpalatable.

 Mate is similar to tea; it is made with herbs and served in a special cup. To Americans, it’s basically a wooden bowl of dried herbs chopped coarsely. Hot water is poured over the mixture, and the drink is consumed through a straw with a strainer on its end. Mate is consumed in the countryside as well as the city, so you are certain to see some native Argentines drinking mate.

Argentine Dogo – This is a special breed of dog, bred for big game hunting, specifically wild pig or boar. In layman’s terms, imagine a dog with the same physical characteristics as a pit bull but the size of a solid white Saint Bernard and the temperament of a sweet well trained Labrador retriever. I have had the pleasure of interacting with many of the larger Dogo in Argentina and simply put, their size is amazing. Several of our lodges have Dogo’s on the property; rest assured you will notice them immediately if they are around! Don’t worry; they love people, but because of their size, most people are unnecessarily intimidated.

In closing, Argentina is famous for many things. To list them all would require a 500-page book.

 Argentina is a great country with lots and lots to do and lots and lots to see. 

 For any of our hunters and spouses, if you want some ideas of fun things to do while in Argentina, do hesitate to reach out to Southern Outfitting for help!

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