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This is one of the most asked questions regarding a high-volume dove hunting trip to Argentina.
Before I answer, I must provide the viewers of this forum with some important information.

First because Argentina is south of the equator, the seasons are reversed. Our winter is Argentina’s summer, and our summer is Argentina’s winter. It’s hard to comprehend without spending time in Argentina that Christmas Day in South America is one of the hottest days of the year. Along the east coast of the US, early February traditionally is extremely cold, while in Argentina, it’s not uncommon to have temperatures over 90 degrees F.

Next, because Argentina has the perfect climate for robust agriculture, the farmers can get three crop rotations each year. In addition to three crop rotations annually, the farmers stagger the sowing and harvesting of the crops. This staggering leaves fields under sow and harvest every day of the year.

Because of the adequate food supply, the perfect climate, and the ideal roosting areas, the dove does not need to migrate.

The information above explains why the dove remains in the agricultural areas year-round. Simply put, no matter what time of year you visit Argentina for a high-volume dove hunt, the dove will be there.

To answer the question “when is the best time to hunt doves in Argentina,” the best time is when it is most convenient for the hunter!

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