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The short answer is “as many as you want.”

 The long answer is there is no limit on doves in Argentina. The country of Argentina has an agricultural area that spans over 300,000 square miles. For perspective, this area is larger than the country of France and Portugal combined or larger than Texas and Ohio combined.

In this area, there is an estimated 200 million dove that, for the most part, do not migrate and indeed don’t migrate outside of the agricultural region.

 The dove finds home in roosts that cover thousands of acres and do nothing but eat, drink and make babies.

A breeding pair of doves often breeds 5 times in one year and produce as many as 3 eggs per session. These eggs hatch in 12-14 days, turn to fledglings in 9 days, and just 45 days after hatch, the new doves can begin breeding. This breeding pair is responsible for approximately 15 doves in one year, effectively increasing the population by 7.5 times. Still, one must extrapolate, as the first eggs laid in the year begin to reproduce only 45 days later. These 15 doves produce 112 doves in 45 days, and these 112 doves have 840 doves just 45 days later; these 840 doves produce 6300 doves in just 45 days, and these 6300 doves produce over 47,000 doves in the just 45 days. Now it gets staggering as the 47,000 doves are responsible for over 352,000 doves.

Beyond these 5 breeding cycles in one year, a person will need a scientific calculator and an advanced math degree to calculate the great volume of doves one breeding pair is, directly and indirectly, responsible for in just one year.

With the tremendous volume of doves, the perfect climate, sufficient food, water, and shelter, coupled with the rate at which doves reproduce, an aggressive group of hunters shooting 1000 birds a day doesn’t impact the mind-blowing volume of doves in Argentina.

Simply put, there are no limits on the number of doves a hunter can shoot in a day. 

It is very common for hunters to shoot 1000 birds, and for the most aggressive shooters with deep pockets (shells are expensive), it is not unheard of for a hunter to shoot 3000 or more in a single day.

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