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First it’s important to understand the areas and the options. The largest city with the most flights to and from the US is Buenos Aires. Flights into Buenos Aires are the most cost effective, however not all hunting is done within driving distance of the capital city. Areas like Cordoba, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Salta and many others require a flight into Buenos Aires international airport (Ministro Pistarini or EZE) and then a require a van transfer or taxi to the domestic airport (Jorge Newbery or AEP). The travel times with traffic are about an hour, then of course an additional flight to your final destination.

There are two international airports in Argentina, which are EZE in Buenos Aires and COR in Cordoba. Cordoba has daily flights that come in from Santiago Chile, Panama, Peru and Brazil, while EZE has daily arrivals and departures from nearly every country and major city across the world.

Flights into Buenos Aires from Miami, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles range from $1100-$1600 depending on the time of year, fuel prices, and all the other things that affect airfare costs. If you are hunting in the eastern part of Argentina this is your only airfare cost, however if you are hunting in areas like Salta, Santa Fe, San Luis, Santiago del Estero or Cordoba an additional flight is required. These domestic flights range from $300-$600 again depending on the time of year, fuel costs etc. When booking your flight itinerary its more cost effective if you book the entire itinerary at once as opposed to two separate tickets.

Cordoba Argentina is the most popular dove hunting destination in Argentina, and there are two flight options that are more appealing than going through Buenos Aires. The most popular option is the flight that connects in Santiago Chile. There are 3-4 flights daily into Cordoba with the first morning flight being the most attractive. The layover is 2 hours and your arrival time into Cordoba leaves you plenty of time to hunt on your day of arrival. The second option connects in Lima Peru. This flight arrives into Cordoba early AM and is quickly becoming the more popular path to Cordoba. This flight has you arriving most lodges in Cordoba well before lunchtime.

So to summarize the flight costs, ballpark pricing is below.

US to Buenos Aires                                                                                   $1100-$1600

Buenos Aires to other destination in Argentina                                    $300-600

US to Cordoba via Chile or Lima                                                                        $1300-$1700



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